Money Property Here’s how to winter-proof your home

Here’s how to winter-proof your home

Winter home
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If you’ve been reeling over your electricity bill or going to bed in socks and beanies – this is for you.

Australia’s cooler months may have nothing on Europe, but as a result, our houses are often underprepared when the thermometer drops.

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Blasting the heater is a quick fix that costs a bomb and dries the air – so before the cold gets the better of you, give these cheap and easy winter-proofing ideas a go.

Seal gaps around windows and doors

It doesn’t matter how toasty your living room is, draughts and cracks will cause that warm glow to head straight outside, literally.

Winter proof your home
Bring your more vulnerable plants inside when the thermometer drops. Photo: Shutterstock

It may sound intimidating for the home-reno novice, but filling cracks is actually idiot-proof.

All you’ll need is a bottle of gap sealer like Selleys No More Gaps (around $5) and you’re on your way – just point the nozzle into those sneaky cracks.

Program your heater

Of course, a heater will always be the most effective way of heating a room or house. But there are a few tricks to getting the best out of your heater, without blowing out your bill.

If you have a thermostat, don’t program the temperature above 21 degrees.

And instead of running it all night, program your heater so it turns off after you fall asleep and turns on just before you wake up.

You’ll be warm and snuggly in bed in the mean time.

Don’t forget about the plants

Although the majority of these tricks focus on keeping you comfortable, there’s no need to forget your little green friends.

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When the weather gets harsh, bring your less-hardy plants inside. As for any indoor plants, you’ll need to bring them closer to the windowsill to soak up some of that softer winter sunlight.

Bring on the blinds

Don't let heat escape through bare windows. Photo: Shutterstock
Don’t let heat escape through bare windows. Photo: Shutterstock

Get those blinds down.

Bare windows are a prime way for heat to escape, and if you leave your blinds up at night you can kiss that toasty temperature goodbye.

If you don’t have blinds on your big windows, they could be a worthy investment.

Invest in a mattress topper

If you want to feel like you’re sleeping in a warm cloud, try adding a mattress topper.

These soft, pillow-y layers go on top of your bottom sheet, so you’ll feel like you’re crawling into a doona sandwich.

They strap on too, so you don’t have to worry about them moving in the night.

Mattress toppers cost from $50 to over $200 and they’re worth every penny.

Make throws and rugs your best friends

To curb the temptation of jumping straight into bed on particularly chilly nights, make sure there are plenty of throws and blankets on your sofas and chairs, to encourage socialising sans frostbite.

If you have floorboards, laying a rug down will help the heat in – while adding some style (depending on pattern choice).

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