Money Property This is what $3 million can buy you in Tasmania

This is what $3 million can buy you in Tasmania

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Hobart-based businessman Michael needed a place to store 4000 bottles of wine, and a shortcut to the water from his 21-acre clifftop property.

That’s where the cave came in handy.

While Michael had an idea about turning the site into an exclusive retirement village, competing business interests have drawn him overseas so the project has stopped and he’s selling, according to real estate agent Kim Morgan.

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The cave, a shed and the 21 acres of land around it are on the market for $3 million-plus.

Wine now, but there are other possibilities.
Wine now, but there are other possibilities.

“There’s certainly nothing like it within 20 minutes of Hobart. That’s for sure,” Mr Morgan told The New Daily.

The cave was excavated about five years ago as a way down from the clifftop land to the Derwent shore below.

“It’s basically a tunnel,” Mr Morgan said.

And with three-phase power and running water, that tunnel stirs up the possibility of waiting out an apocalypse, or using the space as a crime-fighting lair.

“It would be a pretty glamorous way to wait out the apocalypse,” Mr Morgan said.

Potential buyers have shown interest in starting a unique pop-up venue here.

“It’s certainly secret, you don’t just stumble upon it by any means,” he said.

“It’s (the cave is) part of a broader vision for the site,” Mr Morgan said, pointing out plans for a house above.

Inside the tunnel there is space to entertain 30 people, which has drawn interest from tourism and hospitality firms.




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