Life Wellbeing Bored in coronavirus lockdown? Here are some fun and quirky activities to try

Bored in coronavirus lockdown? Here are some fun and quirky activities to try

Watch: How to manage your mental health in lockdown.
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You’ve kept the sourdough starter alive, cleaned inside every closet and organised the Tupperware for the first time in your life.

Now, what to do?

Lockdowns take their toll in many ways – the financial stress, anxiety over daily coronavirus case numbers, and boredom from having to stay home can be gruelling.

We may have no control over some aspects of living under COVID restrictions, but many of us are still going to great lengths to stay amused and keep our spirits up.

From researching your family tree to listening to 300 vinyl records, here are some ideas to get you through lockdown:

Blind dates

Looking for dates or mates?  Why not use your exercise time to meet other singles.

Sally from Melbourne says she had her best friend set her up on dates during lockdown.

“I had my best friend take over my dating apps and design a questionnaire to screen potential dates,” she told TND.

“I have enjoyed several Zoom dates and am going on a socially distanced blind walking date this weekend. I feel confident I will find my ‘intimate partner’ soon.”

Fashion shoots

In their shared home, Midge and her housemates have made a tradition of creating a ‘lockdown list’ at the start of each one, with ideas for fun activities.

Midge and her housemates have done photoshoots to pass the time. Photo: Supplied

“I have to say the fashion shoots and redecorating have been quite fun,” she said.

“It’s something I don’t think we would have done outside of lockdown and now we have all of these beautiful pictures of the weirdest time in our lives.”


Nothing says ‘I love you’ in lockdown like pranking your family members.

Ryan filled their shower with balloons. Photo: Supplied

Ryan and his Mum have been getting through lockdown by pranking each other.

“I bought a pack of about 40 party poppers and divided them between us and we would randomly just set them off trying to scare the other one,” Ryan explained.

“By the fifth lockdown, I was running out of ideas and feeling low.

“Mum was working at her desk and I snuck into her bathroom and just completely filled her shower with balloons and just waited till she discovered it at about 10:30 at night.”

Weekly trivia 

Josh set up a weekly trivia get together and went from isolated to super-socialised.

“During 2020, my friends and I across Victoria, NSW and Scotland had a weekly Zoom trivia night,” he explained.

“I think I actually had more contact with some friends than I would outside of lockdown!”

Cooking contests 

Madeline and her friends have been competing for who can make the best meal.

“We are having pasta-off,” she said.

“We send photos of each other making pasta. When we emerge from quarantine we will have a bake-off together.”

Parties, even for pets 

In lockdown – any excuse for a celebration will do. So Tess put on a party for her partner’s cat.

Corfu turned 10 recently, and celebrated with sardines. Photo: Supplied

“It was Corfu’s 10th birthday so we made him a hat and wrapped up his present – it was some sardine treats,” she said.


There has never been a time like the pandemic to walk .

Those using their allotted outdoor exercise time to take strolls around their neighbourhoods are feeling the benefits.

“I started walking at the start of the pandemic, mostly out of boredom,” said Holly, who lived in regional Victoria at the time.

“I was depressed before the pandemic and once it started I needed a way to channel my emotions and get outside when I could.

“It transformed my mental health. I felt so much better in my body, better in my mind.

“I have felt good ever since. Walk.”

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