Life Wellbeing Australian EpiPens still in short supply

Australian EpiPens still in short supply

EpiPens for adults are in short supply in Australia. Photo: Getty
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EpiPens remain in short supply across Australia as the country’s sole supplier continues to be affected by manufacturing delays.

Supplier Mylan Australia says while the stock available to wholesalers is increasing, supply is still “tight”.

The devices are used for the emergency treatment of acute severe allergic reactions.

“Patients who are still having difficulty obtaining an EpiPen should contact their pharmacy for assistance,” the Therapeutic Goods Administration said in an update on Monday.

The shortage applies only to EpiPen 300 mcg, used for adults, and not the 150 mcg children’s version.

The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy in May advised people to use expired EpiPens if no other auto-injector was available.

“Whilst the use of an expired adrenaline autoinjector is not ideal, research suggests that recently-expired devices retain potency,” it said in a statement.

Supply issues also affect the United States and Canada where some pharmacies are expected to run out of stock within days or weeks.