Life Wellbeing Spray tan: Tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect fake tan

Spray tan: Tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect fake tan

A spray tan is a safe way to achieve a healthy glow. Photo: Getty
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Thanks to a million Instagrammed fake tans, many of us aspire to have healthy glowing skin. Some choose to embrace their natural skin colour whereas others prefer a sun-kissed spray tan.

The tanning fad has evolved over the last century. In 1923, fashion icon Coco Chanel launched the trend after being out in the sun too much during a yacht trip.

During World War II, women applied teabags to their skin for a natural glow.

In the late 1950s the first known self-tan was invented. It was known as the Man Tan and contained sugar-cane derived from dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

In the 1980s tanning beds grew in popularity and skin cancer rates began to increase. Companies were impelled to find a safer way to achieve a healthy glow.

In 1997, the world’s first spray tanning company was launched. Since then, self-tanning products have risen in popularity.

How do you achieve the best spray tan?

Before fake tanning, shower and exfoliate the skin. This will wash away any dry or flaky particles and allow your tan to be streak free.

Spray tans last about a week so it is important to maintain to keep it as natural as possible. Moisturise any areas that will catch the tan including the elbows, hands, knees and feet.

Moisturising will keep the skin hydrated and help the spray tan colour last longer.
Moisturising will keep the skin hydrated and help the spray tan colour last longer. Photo: Getty

Depending on what tanning product you buy, it is recommended to leave it on for six to eight hours.

Remember that spray tans develop over time so it is important not to over apply it. If you are feeling like it is too dark, keep in mind that a layer will wash off in the first shower after you have tanned.

What are some application tricks to ensure an even coverage of tan?

When applying the tan to your body, use a mitt and not your hands. This will eliminate streaks and ensure an even coverage. Blend it into your skin using a sweeping motion.

For your hands and feet, use a make-up brush. If you wish to tan your face, use the excess product on the mitt.

Finally, it is important find good lighting in front of a mirror. Being able to see where you have applied the product will ensure all areas are covered and rubbed in.

What are the best ways to remove a spray tan?

  • Rub a bar of soap into an exfoliating mitt and scrub your body.
  • Add two tablespoons of baking soda to water. This will create a paste to place onto your body. Leave on for a few minutes and wash it off in the shower.
  • Fill a bath with water and bath oil. Use a mitt and remove the tan in circular motions. The oil will soften the skin and make the tan easier to come off.
  • Grab a bottle of the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser and lather a pump over your body. Leave it on for five minutes then shower and wipe it away with a cloth.

Will swimming affect a spray tan?

Yes. Swimming in chlorinated or salt water can fade the tan and cause streaking.

However, normal activities like bathing and showering will not affect the quality of the tan.

Can you burn through a fake tan?

Yes, you can burn through a fake tan as the solution offers little to no protection from UV.

According to the Cancer Council it is important to remember “that the product will not protect you from the sun’s UVR so you must still consider a combination of sun protection measures when outdoors”.

There is also no evidence to suggest that DHA, the common ingredient found is self tanning products, cause cancer.