Life Wellbeing Paleo Pete Evans serves caviar and pâté kids breakfast

Paleo Pete Evans serves caviar and pâté kids breakfast

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Pete Evans has served his kids a lavish breakfast, far from the Aussie staples of Weetbix and Vegemite on toast. Photo: Facebook
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Controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans has served his children a lavish breakfast of caviar and pâté.

‘Paleo Pete’ said his primary school-aged daughters Chilli and Indii had asked for the fancy take on avocado on toast.

“This is what the girls requested for breakfast this morning … Avocado on toast,” Evans wrote on Instagram on Thursday morning.

The 44-year-old said his wife Nicola made “the best hemp bread”.

“We team it with avo, pate, pickles, @yarvalleycaviar and herbs from the garden. #delicious,” Evans said.

Yarra Valley salmon caviar retails online for $79.90 for just 300 grams.

Accredited nutritionist Tracie Hyam Connor, from Tracie Talks Health, said it was a healthy breakfast, but noted it was an unrealistic option for most families.

“The main thing there is just that it wouldn’t be accessible for everyone,” Ms Connor told The New Daily.

“It ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to healthy choices, but whether or not that’s realistic when it comes to a financial point of view, and even a timeframe point of view, and also with taste – it wouldn’t obviously appeal to everyone, especially the younger generation.

“It’s lovely that it appeals to his children, and that he has the time and the financial stability there to be able to do this thing occasionally but no, it certainly wouldn’t suit everyone.”

Ms Connor noted it can be useful to set a high bar for nutrition, and that people can then relax it to suit their life.

“When I’m advising people with a healthy diet, I will often give them the optimal choices and it’s about them then making the best judgements of how it’s going to fit in with their family.”

She said she wouldn’t recommend the healthy breakfast for regular meals.

“The idea of a balanced diet is to add a lot of variety in our diet so constantly eating the same foods every day doesn’t really provide the variety that our bodies need for ultimate performance.”

As to whether Australian staples like Weetbix or Vegemite on toast would suffice, Ms Connor said those breakfasts were “fine on occasion”.

“I work with a lot of families, and I’m a mother myself of two young ones and understand, going back to time restraints and food fussiness and financial stability. Looking at weighing up all those factors, Weetbix and Vegemite on toast doesn’t hold a lot of nutritional value.

“On occasion though that is necessary. Let’s say the kids sleep in or you’ve just got an early morning start or for whatever reason – on occasion Weetbix or Vegemite on toast is completely ample, but I wouldn’t actually recommend that every day, either.”

Ms Connor recommended breakfasts with some protein – meat, meat alternatives, nuts or even nut butter – instead of simply reaching for carbohydrates.

She also recommended healthy fats for breakfast like avocado, or cooking with olive oil.

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