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High-tech devices to make you healthier

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Working towards a healthier lifestyle is now easier than ever, thanks to increasing innovations in health and fitness technology.

Be it a discreet fitness wearable strapped to your wrist or a more comprehensive biofeedback tracker with an additional heart rate monitor chest strap, the amount of equipment you use can be as extensive or minimal as you like.

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Some apps can also stream content to your HD TV, via Google Chromecast or Apple TV, allowing you to get in a full yoga session or weight-free workout from the comfort of home.

An increasing amount of apps and devices now feature community services as well, so you can share running routes or workouts with other users, or simply challenge friends to beat your personal best time.

But the next five years is when things will get truly exciting – health and fitness technology will move from science fiction to science fact, with the advent of dermal wearables.

Worn directly on the skin, just slap on a patch and these permanent devices will monitor everything from heart rate and blood pressure, to personal stats and workout history.

Imagine grabbing hold of the handrail on a treadmill at the gym and your high-tech dermal patch instantly communicates your entire fitness history to the machine, which will then program and begin a suitable workout.

Before we enter this Jetsons-inspired future, here is some fitness tech and software you can use right now to find a healthier you.

The Moto 360 smartwatch.
The Moto 360 smartwatch.

Moto 360


The second-generation Android smartwatch monitors your heart rate and tracks movement, offering a complete physical portrait of your exercise program.

The OMsignal Bra


This revolutionary fitness clothing offers female wearers real-time biometric feedback on their workout, compiling and syncing critical stats to a smartphone for later use.

Pocket Yoga


From morning routines to extensive 60-minute yoga workouts, this app is a great portable solution for when you need an expert yoga course on the go.



A diet-monitoring app that believes good habits come from small changes, Lark encourages users to monitor the type of foods they eat, rather than the quantity.

The OMSignal bra.
The OMsignal bra.

Fitbit Blaze


The most popular fitness tracking wearable in the world, this new Fitbit is a multi-sport tracker and smartwatch in one. With heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking, it offers a comprehensive portrait of your entire workout history.

Moov Now


If swimming is a big part of your regular workout, this waterproof fitness tracker is for you. Tracking your every move, 24 hours a day, the Moov Now also becomes a digital coach during workouts.

The Mindfulness App


A Zen proverb goes: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” Escape a busy life with this relaxing app.



One of the most popular GPS tracking apps for runners and cyclists, Strava also lets you create routes others can explore and offers regular challenges to compete with other users.

The Thermos Smart Lid.
The Thermos Smart Lid.

Thermos Smart Lid


The humble Thermos gets a high-tech upgrade with Smart Lid – a smart water intake monitoring solution that pairs with popular health tracker, Fitbit.

Jawbone Up3


A discreet fitness wearable, the Jawbone monitors daily activity as well as sleep behaviour, painting a complete picture of your life over 24 hours.

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout


If you want an easy route into working out, Johnson & Johnson have compiled expert advice and fitness exercises into this handy app – all you need is a chair and seven minutes out of your day.

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