Life Wellbeing Australia’s first ‘Hangover Clinic’ opens its doors

Australia’s first ‘Hangover Clinic’ opens its doors

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Australia’s first “hangover clinic” has opened in Sydney, using IV hydration to cure the once incurable: a killer hangover.

Visitors part with between $140–$200 for the treatment, which includes being hooked up to a saline drip, downing vitamin “cocktails” and popping nausea pills.

Co-founder Max Petro says he came up with the idea while working on the ski fields in Australia and the US.

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Wondering how all the ski instructors kept up with lessons all day after partying all night, Mr Petro was let in on the secret: as qualified paramedics, they were hooking themselves up to IV drips and oxygen the morning after.

Mr Petro opened his clinic in Surry Hills this month, equipped with a team of licensed and insured medical doctors.

But the clinic has drawn criticism from health professionals, who see it as promoting consequence-free drinking in a nation with a binge drinking problem.

“This encourages people to use alcohol in an entirely inappropriate way and it’s something the government should look at very, very carefully,” Michael Moore, chief executive of the Public Health Association of Australia told Fairfax.

“After all the hard work that has been done to reduce the harm associated with alcohol … this is ridiculous,” he said.

On its website, the clinic celebrates the fact it has opened “just in time for summer” and the silly season.

However, Mr Petro told Fairfax his clinic did not condone binge drinking anymore than hospitals condone dangerous behaviour resulting in injury.

The clinic also caters for “life hangovers” such as sports dehydration, colds and flus, and jetlag.

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