Life Wellbeing The weirdest baldness cure you’ll ever hear of

The weirdest baldness cure you’ll ever hear of

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It’s the hairy question that has stumped scientists for decades, but one man believes he has found a solution to baldness.

Ready to take up its position alongside fenugreek and olive oil as a cure for alopecia, more commonly known as baldness, is coffee.

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Spawning from the banning of the drink by the sports doping agency until 2004, it was scientists at German organisation, Wolff Company, who first looked into its ability to promote hair growth.

“We knew caffeine could penetrate the hair roots and we knew it was on the anti-doping list,” Wolff Company’s Dr Adolf Klenk told

Scientists found the caffeine counteracted hair growth suppression by testosterone when combined in a test tube.

But it must be applied directly to the hair follicle – anyone attempting to drink enough caffeine necessary to promote hair growth would have to consume 40-50 cups per day, every day, Dr Klenk said.

“It would be toxic to drink 50 cups of coffee a day,” he said.

But washing your hair in it could see hair loss fall by 20 per cent.

But if your head has already been affected by baldness, unfortunately there is no hope.

“When a guy is bald it’s really too late, if the hair root is dead and you can’t revitalise it,” Dr Klenk said.

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