Life Wellbeing Michelle Bridges attacked for pregnancy comments

Michelle Bridges attacked for pregnancy comments

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Michelle Bridges has been criticised after she suggested “good health” was the reason she was able to fall pregnant at age 44.

The personal trainer told Who magazine she is four months pregnant with partner Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, 39.

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The pair announced they were expecting via Who magazine.
The pair announced they were expecting via Who magazine. Photo: Who

The Biggest Loser trainer suggested that her and Willis’ healthy lifestyles were the reason they were able to conceive so easily.

“All of my years and all of Steve’s years of looking after ourselves and taking care of our health and our bodies – it just goes to show for someone my age for it to happen so quickly it’s obviously got to do with good health,” Bridges told Who.

While many congratulated the fitness entrepreneur, the comments have also been criticised, with some labelling them as “smug”, “egotistical”, “baseless” and upsetting to women who have had difficulty conceiving.

“What an uneducated and ridiculous statement if I ever did hear one… It’s also highly insulting for all the women who have had infertility issues,” one woman wrote on New Idea’s Facebook page after the magazine also shared the article.

“It’s a bit of a reckless and insensitive statement,” another person wrote.

Social media users have also expressed concern that the comments could give false hope to women who are struggling to fall pregnant.

Statistics show that by age 40, a woman has around a five per cent chance of conceiving each month and this number drops to less than one per cent by 45.

“I think Michelle is sending a very poor message out to older women that good health and being fit = amazing fertility = giving massive false hope,” one person commented.

“Just because you are healthy doesn’t mean you win the ticket for having a baby.”

This will be the first child for the couple who began dating two years ago after meeting on The Biggest Loser.

Willis has three other children from previous relationships.

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