Life Wellbeing Belle Gibson admits she never had cancer

Belle Gibson admits she never had cancer

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The health blogger changed the name of her company to Inkerman Road Nominees in July. Photo: Instagram
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After months of speculation, wellness advocate and The Whole Pantry founder Belle Gibson has admitted she did not have cancer.

Ms Gibson, 23, had claimed to be healing herself of terminal brain cancer solely through a wholefood diet and alternative therapies.

But in March the Melbourne woman was under close scrutiny after it was revealed many of the charities her organisation had promised to donate to had not received any money, and whether her claims of having cancer were false.

Police drop Belle Gibson investigation
• Apple removes Belle Gibson’s Whole Pantry app
• Penguin pulls Belle Gibson book

In a series of interviews published in the latest edition of the Australian Women’s Weekly, Ms Gibson, who was not paid for her story, admitted her ‘diagnosis’ was fake.

Belle Gibson's claims of having cancer were false.
Belle Gibson’s claims of having cancer were false.

“No. None of it’s true,” she said.

“I don’t want forgiveness. I just think (it) was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human’.”

It all fell apart for Ms Gibson in March after revelations emerged she had failed to fulfil promised donations to various charities.

While her friends then began to cast doubts about her cancer diagnoses. She tearfully ‘admitted’ she may have been ‘misdiagnosed’ by a ‘Dr Phil’.

In response to the uncertainty, publishing giant Penguin pulled Ms Gibson’s debut cook book, while Apple removed the Whole Pantry application from the online store.

 In the AWW interview, Ms Gibson said her partner, Clive Rothwell, was sticking by her in spite of the controversy.

But she said he had taken a ‘stern’ line with her and insisted she play a straight bat.

“He’s been very stern, along the lines of, ‘I just want you to acknowledge where you’ve f***ed up and try not to smooth over that’,” she said.

In the article, titled ‘My Lifelong Struggle With The Truth’, Ms Gibson also said she had been forced to raise herself from the day she started school.

She said she took upon common household responsibilities, such as bringing her brother to school and making lunches. But she would not provide her mother’s name or contact details to the magazine.

In her previous interview, Ms Gibson said she understood ‘everyone’s anger and confusion’.

Victoria Police said in April it has dropped its investigation of Ms Gibson.

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