Life Wellbeing Paleo Pete Evans cut as salad ambassador

Paleo Pete Evans cut as salad ambassador

Controversial chef Pete Evans claims three meals a day is unhealthy. Photo: AAP
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The Sumo Salad franchise has dropped paleo diet advocate and fluoride doubter Pete Evans as its ambassador.

A Sumo Salad spokesperson has denied that the decision to not renew the celebrity chef’s two year contract was influenced by his recent scandals.

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Science and health experts have repeatedly criticised Mr Evans in recent weeks and months for his ‘potentially harmful’ baby paleo cookbook, and his view that fluoride should not be added to tap water.

“[W]e made the decision a really long time ago that we wouldn’t renew the contract, because he’s been with us for so long,” the franchise’s head of marketing Petra Orrenius told News Corp.

“We’ve always been very supportive of Pete and we’re happy with that,” she said.

There are unconfirmed reports that Channel Seven may cut Mr Evans from its hit show My Kitchen Rules.

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