News Advisor Science brews no-hangover beer

Science brews no-hangover beer

World Cup beer
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Australian scientists are adding a common ingredient from sports drinks to beer in an attempt to reduce the effects of hangovers.

Researchers at Griffith University are tinkering with varying amounts of salty electrolytes, usually found in drinks like Gatorade, to rehydrate beer drinkers.

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Dehydration is believed to contribute to the ill effects of a long night out.

“We’ve really concentrated on fluid rehydration initially, so looking at a beer that doesn’t leave you as dehydrated,” Associate Professor Ben Desbrow told the ABC.

Increasing the sodium in other fluids has been proven to increase hydration, but the scientists are still working on establishing this for alcohol.

The major impediment is taste.

“It’s always about finding that balance between taste and physiological response,” Professor Desbrow said.

“You obviously aren’t going to have anyone drink anything that’s unpalatable.”

The team is seeking volunteers to fill out a survey on what they like most and least about beer.

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