News Advisor The 10-minute workouts that are worth your time

The 10-minute workouts that are worth your time

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A super-quick workout can keep you in shape and get you fitter when longer workouts are out of reach, fitness experts claim.

Ten minutes could be all you need to shake up your body, re-inspire your fitness regime and sneak in some exercise when time is tight.

Jetts personal trainer of the year Emma James told The New Daily that spending upwards of half an hour in the gym is the ideal, but on hectic days a 10-minute workout can be “perfect” because “something is better than nothing at all”.

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“Most of us have such busy lifestyles and if 10 minutes is all we have to fit in a workout, then make that 10 minutes count,” she said.

This high-powered workout could be done at home when you simply cannot make it to the gym, during your lunch break, or when travelling and stuck in your hotel room. But be warned that a shorter workout is no excuse to slack off.

Exercise does not need to be avoided. Photo: Shutterstock

Personal trainer and natural bodybuilder Aaron Curtis told The New Daily that with only 10 minutes to spare your burst of exertion needs to be “more intense” than usual, and will not be effective unless if you push yourself to the max.

If you are not tired, out of breath, feeling sick or throwing up by the end, then you are not doing it right, Mr Curtis said.

The problem with many other super-quick workouts is that your body eventually adapts, meaning you stop seeing improvement in fitness, trimness and muscle tone.

So if you opt for Ms James’ full body workout, be sure to change it up every four to six weeks. Or you could strap yourself in for Mr Curtis’ insane workout and, provided you keep going hard, it shouldn’t need changing.

The Emma James 10-minute workout
Intensity: MEDIUM to HIGH

Jetts personal trainer Emma James
Jetts trainer Emma James says 10 minutes can be enough to stay in shape. Photo: Jetts

30 Second Warm Up: FAST JOG ON SPOT
1 Minute: SQUATS
1 Minute: PUSH UPS
1 Minute: TOWEL ROWS
1 Minute: SIT UPS
1 Minute: BURPEES
30 Second Cool Down: SLOW JOG ON SPOT

The Aaron Curtis 10-minute workout
Intensity: HIGH

Personal trainer Aaron Curtis says you must go hard when you workout at home. Photo: Supplied
Personal trainer Aaron Curtis says you must go hard when you workout at home. Photo: Supplied

10 Seconds: SPRINT
20 Seconds: ACTIVE REST

Set your chosen piece of aerobic equipment, such as a cross trainer, at a level high enough to give you adequate resistance whilst working at maximum speed.

With both your arms and legs and all of your effort, spring flat out for 10 seconds.

Give yourself 20 seconds of active rest, moving your arms and legs as slowly as you like while sucking in plenty of air.

Repeat until you make it to the full 10 minutes.

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