Life Wellbeing Six tips for perfect skin from a celebrity facialist

Six tips for perfect skin from a celebrity facialist

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Su-Man Hsu
Su-Man Hsu

As Hollywood actors plaster tabloid pages with their frozen faces and the internet age makes scathing criticism a daily occurrence, the quest for eternal youth has never been more prevalent.

But if you’re fearful of injections or going under the knife to maintain flawless skin, there are some simple ways to alter your daily routine and elicit major changes.

No one knows this better than celebrity facialist Su-Man Hsu who, at the age of 51, doesn’t look a day over 25. Hsu’s clients include Hollywood heavyweights like Anne Hathaway, Sienna Miller, Freida Pinto and Juliette Binoche and her emphasis is on pared-back skincare techniques.

“People are obsessed with quick fixes to cling to their youth,” Hsu says. “Youthfulness is a way of life, not frozen skin where wrinkles have been ordered not to move.”

Instead, Hsu prefers to focus on preventative methods that won’t break the bank. Here are her top tips:

Drink up (but not booze!)

“Every morning before breakfast I drink a glass of warm water with half of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey,” Hsu says. This simple drink helps with internal cleansing and allows skin to glow from the inside out.

Get oily

Hsu emphasises the need for consuming essential fatty acids for an all-natural internal moisturiser. Hsu drizzles a mix of flax, sunflower, coconut and sesame oil on her morning porridge or toast. You can also add some essential fatty acids into your diet by cooking with coconut oil or taking fish oil supplements in the morning.

Start early

“In Asia we tend to think of anti ageing as prevention rather than correction,” Hsu says. This means finding a routine as early as possible and sticking with it: “there’s no magic! Just discipline and patience.” Know what works for you and implement a routine that you can stick to.


Take time to properly massage your chosen products into your skin for maximum effect. “It makes your skin an active partner with your product and allows you to truly get to know your skin,” Hsu says.

Freida Pinto
Freida Pinto

Make your own mask

“In the evening after cleansing I apply one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar as a facial mask for 30 minutes while I’m watching TV.” According to Hsu, this brightens the skin and diminishes pigmentation and blemishes.

Avoid botox

“[Botox] is often a panic reaction and for me an incredible waste of money,” Hsu warns. “I have many clients come to me who have had Botox and their skin may look smooth but their inner light is turned off. It can’t get rid of unhappiness around the mouth, stress in your jawline or anxiety in your forehead.”

Instead, de-stress the natural way with lots of sleep, plenty of exercise and healthy habits.