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What winning a reality show taught me about life

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Winning! It’s something we all strive to do. Really, who would actually wake up in the morning and tell themselves “Today old chap, let’s fail”?  

Just ask Charlie Sheen. If that guy can run around town like an escaped lunatic for months of serious off-the-rails activity and keep his career in tact, one might say it is actually easier to win than lose.

I’m certainly no authority on the matter, but since my friend Jess and I just came first in one of Australia’s biggest competitions, maybe the formula works.

After reflecting on our win, I’ve realised there were five key mantras that helped us cook our way to victory.

Please note: You do need to be a good cook to win MKR, but this skill can be learnt.

Bree (l) and Jessica take the title last month.
Bree (l) and Jessica take the title last month.


1. Good things don’t always fall into your lap

Be proactive people. It’s actually not that hard to be assertive and go for the things you want. Yes, I was scared witless. Oh Lord, was I. But, if you never try then you’ll never get anywhere.

I will also admit, my husband had to ride me for a couple of years before I applied for MKR, but in general I’m the type of lass who sees what she wants and doesn’t wait around for someone to hand it to me. Go after your dreams, they won’t come after you.

2. Know your goal and never lose sight of it

Jess and I never went in saying “We’re going to beat EVERYONE and take it out [high five] BOO-YAH”.

That’s super presumptuous and not my cup of tea. Instead we were realistic and told ourselves “Let’s get as far as we can because we want careers in food and to inspire our precious daughters”. That was our goal. To create a better life for our families.

We never lost sight of our purpose and when the going got seriously tough (as it invariably does) that clarity got us through. Once we reached our initial goals, we always set new ones. As Yazz would say “The only way is up, baby”.

3. Work those knuckles to the bone

Yes, I fantasise about that silver spoon as much as the next person, but unfortunately that reality will never be mine … or yours.

Blood, Sweat and Tears – never has a phrase meant so much to me than during my time on MKR.

My sweat patches were usually down to somewhere around my navel and my hands looked like I’d subjected them to a medieval torture session. Oh wait, I had. And yes, there were certainly tears. Mine were just reserved for my pillow and my long-suffering husband.

Under pressure … but the only way is up.

4. Be fair and respectful

Nobody likes a rude A-hole. NO ONE. Being a good sport isn’t hard, everyone is going about their business for the same reason, success. Afford everyone around you the respect that they deserve, and if someone loses yours then just carry on and try to remain unaffected. Embroiling yourself in a petty argument is time consuming and will throw you off your game.

Furthermore, you’d be wise to keep your mouth shut until you’ve proven your worth. Gloating about your many achievements is only acceptable when they are already well documented and even then it’s still not totally cool. It’s basic human nature to want to see someone fail when they can’t stop telling you how awesome they are.

Also, please remember these words … Everyone you treat like crap on your way to the top, will be blowing you kisses on your way back to the bottom. 

5. Stay positive and learn from your mistakes.

It’s not always easy to remain in the realm of positivity, especially when everywhere you turn it seems to be negative. You have to rise above it. No matter what, you need to remind yourself that you made it this far for a reason, you can keep going and you can achieve your goals.

Do you believe that when Madonna’s Sex book was badly received she cried and threw in the towel? No, she just decided that she’d write children’s books instead. Voila, success. She discovered that helping children to explore their world was a much nobler cause than exploring the reproductive anatomy that made the children. Aren’t we all relieved that Madonna learnt from that mistake? I, for one, quiver with fear at the thought of Sex 2: The Muscle Years.


That’s it. Five simple rules. Listen or don’t. Win or lose. It’s up to you. These are the rules that carried me through My Kitchen Rules, were integral to our win and will continue to guide me through life.

Check out Bree’s new blog, Food According to Bree.

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