Life Wellbeing 30 ways to get beautiful on a budget

30 ways to get beautiful on a budget

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Measuring up to supermodels can be a daunting and ultimately fruitless task that will leave you with nothing but a draw full of expensive creams and serums. Instead, enhance what you’ve got with these simple, inexpensive tips and tricks to help you feel beautiful in your own skin.

1. Use lip gloss or lipstick on your cheeks to give sheen and colour

Unless you wear purple lipstick, your lipstick or lip gloss can add some colour and sheen to your face when you’ve forgotten your makeup bag or need an instant pick-me-up.

2. Put olive oil on your scars

It works just as well to lighten dark spots and plump out wrinkles as expensive creams.

3. Trim your split ends every month

This will keep your hair thick and healthy and ensure it grows quicker. You can do it at home by enlisting a friend or family member. Just wet your hair, comb it straight and get your friend to even out the ragged ends.


4. Sleep with a humidifier on

The humidity will clear your sinuses, moisturise your skin and decrease your chances of getting a cold.

5. If you’re tired, get the blood running to your head

Do a handstand or touch your toes to get your circulation moving and give you a wake up call far better than coffee.

6. Don’t wear makeup when you can avoid it

Give your skin time to breathe and get comfortable going barefaced.

7. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase

Silk or satin is more slippery than cotton and will prevent you from developing wrinkles. It will also keep your hair smooth, protect your eyelashes and decrease the absorption of moisture.

8. Take your makeup off before bed

No exceptions. Sleeping in your makeup with cause dry skin, acne, eye infections and rashes.

9. Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back will prevent aches and pains and minimise wrinkles.

10. Keep your hair off your face

Like an instant facelift, sweeping your hair loosely off your forehead will help you look and feel refreshed and will also prevent oils from getting on your face and causing pimples.


11. Invest in a good haircut that frames your face

Ok, so this one will cost you some money, but indulge in a great haircut and you will reap the benefits. A mid-length cut with face-framing layers flatters nearly everyone.

12. Keep your natural hair colour

You were born with it for a reason…it suits you! A bad dye job can add years to your face and decrease your confidence, so remove the risk and steer clear of expensive and chemical-loaded hair dye.

13. Wear sunscreen

While freckles or a sun tan may look cute in your younger years, they make you look haggard when you’re older. Make an effort to wear at least SPF 15 every day, even when it’s overcast.


14. Put a small amount of brown eyeshadow in your eyelid crease

It creates definition and makes your eyes look bigger.

15. Choose tinted moisturizer over foundation

Heavy foundation can settle in your creases and wrinkles and make them more obvious. Tinted moisturiser will give your skin colour and hydrate it. If you have pimples or under-eye circles, cover them with concealer that’s half a shade lighter than your skin tone.

16. Let your eyebrows grow in

Thin eyebrows look harsh and unnatural. Continue to pluck them but let them get a bit thicker to frame your face.

17. Use eye cream nightly

The best time to fight ageing is before you’ve started to age. Get addicted to eye cream and you won’t have to worry so much about crow’s feet or bags.

18. Keep your room cool

A hot room with dehydrate you and dry out your skin. It’s also easier to sleep in a cooler climate.

19. Put a small amount of white eyeshadow in the inside corner of your eye

This makes your eyes look brighter which will in turn make you look more awake.

20. Put colour around your face

Whether it’s a scarf, necklace or earrings, having bright colour around your face will ensure you look more vibrant, especially during the winter months.


21. Don’t share makeup

Aside from it being unhygienic, borrowing your friend’s makeup will never return good results as you will likely have a different skin tone and texture, leaving you looking overly orange or washed out.

22. Get pedicures in summer

When you’re wearing sandals, no one wants to see ugly feet. It’s very easy to give yourself a pedicure at home if you can’t afford a professional one. Trim and file your toe nails, buff them, soak your feet in warm water, remove dead skin and put a slick of clear or coloured polish on your nails.

23. Curl your eyelashes

If you’re not a makeup person, this is an easy way to open up your eyes and make your eyelashes look longer. An eyelash curler can be purchased for around $15 at a chemist.

23. Keep your nails clean

Dirty nails are unsightly and will make people think you don’t take care of yourself.

24. Avoid botox and plastic surgery

Usually, it’s better to eat right and exercise than go under the knife. It’s cheaper too. Enhancements are glaringly obvious to those around you and have the potential to make you look unrecognisable. It’s cheesy, but being confident about your natural appearance is the most beautiful thing you can do.

25. Learn how to take a compliment

It’s attractive to be humble, but being dismissive is another thing. Instead of responding to a compliment with self-ridicule or negativity, learn to say something grateful. “Thank you, that’s really nice of you!” is polite and genuine without being arrogant.

26. Wear lipstick

Even if you have no time to put make up on in the morning, a quick slick of lipstick can make you look put-together and lively.


27. Match your scent to your mood

Smelling good is a great feeling. Have several signature scents that you can rotate depending on how you feel, whether it be clean and fresh, sultry and seductive, or feminine and flirty.

28. Change your pillowcases every week

Bacteria can build up on your pillowcase, causing pimples. Keep your skin clean and protected by changing up your linen once a week.

29. Don’t harass wet hair

Brushing or combing your hair after a shower will make it break. Similarly, blow drying or straightening it will dry it out. Instead, let it dry natural and use your fingers to fluff it up at the roots. Your hair will thank you for it by appearing shinier and healthier.

30. Know your vitamins

Before consuming a bunch of supplements, talk to your doctor about what you need. Often, there are simple diet or lifestyle changes you can make that will help you get the desired result without the cost or without becoming reliant on pills.