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28 ways to get healthy … TODAY

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We all feel the pressure to live better, but not all of us have the time to live at the gym and have a nutritionist on speed dial. 

To make matters worse, just about everything that’s terrible for our health is also convenient and delicious!

You can drive through a fast food outlet without a second thought, but easy ways to improve your health are much harder to think up.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of  tips for you to try today to improve your health.

The New Daily‘s guide to getting healthy … today


1. Eat something in the morning. It will help you stave off sugar cravings throughout the day.

2. Do 10 pushups. If you need to, do them from your knees. It’s a fantastic exercise that works out various muscle groups.

3. Wash your hands. An extra rinse can’t hurt, and might even prevent you from getting sick tomorrow.

4. Eat something full of fibre. It’ll be a great boost for your digestive tract. Try some oats with honey.

5. Tense your muscles while you sit. It’s a great way to keep you focussed, and burn extra calories.

6. Sit up straight. You’ll alleviate stress on your back, and you might even improve your mood.

7. Give your eyes a break. Turn off all those screens and…

8. Practice mindfulness for five minutes. You don’t have to do a full meditation routine. Just close your eyes, relax and rest those buzzing thoughts.

9. Drink a big glass of water. It’s important to almost every function of the body.


10. Floss your teeth. Brushing before bed is a no brainer, but it can be easy to skip the floss. Pull a few strings and you’ll be preventing gum disease – and it might even protect your heart.

11. Avoid alcohol. Forget that after-work beer or wine, and give your liver a rest. You’ll be cutting out a heap of unnecessary calories as well.

12. Put some extra weight in your bag. Carting around a few extra grams will be a good workout for your arms. You could even lift it like a dumbbell to tone your biceps!

13. Pause in the sunlight. Soak up a few extra seconds of Vitamin D.

14. Take the stairs. Skip the elevators and escalators, and work out those calves.


15. Get off early. If you take public transport, get off at an earlier stop and take a stroll.

16. Vacuum the house. A brisk hoovering session will boost your heart rate and get rid of some of the nasty pathogens that can lurk in carpets.

17. Be creative. Write a letter, draw a picture, or sing a song. It will make you feel happier. A US study found that “creative engagement can decrease anxiety, stress, and mood disturbances.”

18. Watch a funny video. Laughing is a great way to de-stress and refresh. Here’s one suggestion:

19. Cook a meal from scratch. Whatever you make is bound to have less nasty ingredients than what you grab off the shelf. And the time you spend washing, cutting and stirring will clear your head.

20. Comb your hair. It will get rid of built-up dead skin and dirt, increase blood flow to your scalp – and could help get your mind off whatever is worrying you.

21. Hug someone. It will give you a potent dose of feel-good hormones.


22. Eat some garlic. It can decrease your blood pressure and even give a boost to your immune system.

23. Watch TV standing up. If you really must veg out, be a little more active while doing it.

24. Have a caffeine rest-day. Lay off the coffee or Coke, and take your body off high alert.

25. Don’t eat any junk food. Just for today, skip that chocolate bar or packet of chips.


26. Read a couple of pages of a book. You might learn a new word, and protect your memory.

27. Make an appointment to see your doctor. Get everything checked out, especially if it’s been a while.

28. Go to bed a little earlier. Getting even half an hour of extra sleep could have you feeling brighter and more enthused tomorrow.


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