Life Wellbeing Caodaiism ‘good for body, mind and spirit’

Caodaiism ‘good for body, mind and spirit’

Cao Dai
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I believe in the Cao Đài religion. In brief, Caodaiism is a synthesis of all main religions in the world – Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Confucianism, and Geniism, that originated in South Vietnam in the early twenties.

With the Cao Đài religion, God the Father revealed Himself, organised and founded one religion, which is the religion of the future, to save humanity and to restore concord and therefore harmony, peace and love among people on this planet. In this way Caodaism will now provide solutions for the world in the 21st century.

Most Caodaiists in Australia come from Vietnam and were refugees. So due to our new, modern life it is difficult to have an active Caodaiist community in Australia.

However, most of us have adapted well to the new life in Australia, so we can maintain a good and united community in Australia.

Monthly rituals are held at the Cao Đài Temples on the 1st and 15th days of each lunar month, so I usually go to the temple with a family member twice a month.

For believers there is also a daily minimum of one act of worship. I normally pray at home and practice two daily ceremonies: 6am and 6pm. In each daily ceremony, Caodaiists chant prayers for the Jade Emperor and for the way of the Buddha, the Immortals and the Saints. The Cao Đài saints are  Sun-Yat-Sen, the leader of the Chinese Revolution of 1911, Victor Hugo, the French poet and author, and Trang Trinh a Vietnamese poet and prophet.

The Cao Đài faith helps me to keep my daily life in balance: body, mind and spirit. So I am happy to be a Caodaist. Indeed Cao Đài religion is special for me!

Tam Dao, 57, is a library technician/librarian at the University of Sydney