Life Wellbeing Christmas gifts that make a difference

Christmas gifts that make a difference

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Melbourne label Sosume's  t-shirt for the Black Dog Institute.
Melbourne label Sosume’s t-shirt for the Black Dog Institute.

Black Dog tee

What is it? A black T-shirt in cool micro modal material
Great gift for: Yoga lovers, too-cool-for-school teens
How does it help? Unlike many charity T-shirts, this one isn’t covered in logos, but instead draws on black and orange, the colors of the Black Dog Institute, to champion its cause. Created by eco-friendly Melbourne label Sosume, 100% of the profits from sales of the T-shirt are donated to the Black Dog Institute, which aims to raise awareness of depression.

Save the Koala
What is it? A romper suit with koala ears (of course)
Great gift for: The newest addition to your – or your friend’s – family
How does it help? It’s fairly safe to say that a baby in a cute suit with ears will bring a smile to everyone’s face at the Christmas lunch table, which is reason enough to add this to your shopping list. But Save the Koala would say your purchase is funding research and conservation of our national icon. We say go with whichever reason works for you.


The STREAT cookbook.
The STREAT cookbook.

STREAT cookbook 
What is it? A 30-recipe cookbook
Great gift for: The foodie in your life
How does it help? At 160 pages, this book of recipes from STREAT chef Rob Auger is sure to spark culinary enthusiasm – and as the generous gift giver, you’re sure to be invited to any dinner parties it inspires. Oh, and all profits from the sales of the book fund STREAT’s hospitality training program which provides a pathway to employment for homeless and disadvantaged youth.

Brotherhood Books 
What is it? A gift voucher for a second-hand book store
Great gift for: That person who always has you searching for gifts at the last minute
How does it help? Anyone bemoaning the death of the printed word will take heart clicking through the Brotherhood Books website, which in the past 10 years has dealt with more than 45 tonnes of donated books. Funds from the book sales help services provided by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, and on top of this, recycling books helps reduce land fill and keep a love of literature alive.

Who Gives A Crap founder  Simon Griffiths
Who Gives A Crap founder Simon Griffiths

Who Gives A Crap
What is it? Toilet paper with cool packaging
Great gift for: A hipster who’s into graphic design – or as a joke for someone who’s full of crap
How does it help? The cool packaging on these toilet rolls will lend a hip touch to any bathroom, but more importantly, 50% of Who Gives A Crap’s profits are donated to WaterAid to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. So every time the lucky recipient visits the loo, they can be happy in the knowledge that they’re likely saving a life.


Map of the world from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
Map of the world from the Asylum Seeker AResource Centre.


ASRC world map
What is it? A map of the world
Great gift for: Any little one with itchy feet
How does it help? The colourful print of this textile wall hanging will brighten up any kid’s room – and make them a little more savvy when it comes to world matters – but its simple design will appeal to grown-ups too. It’s just one of many items in the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre gift catalogue, 100% of the proceeds from which go directly to the centre to help them continue providing vital services and support to refugees.

Goodwill Wine donates 50% of its profits to the charity of your choice.
Goodwill Wine donates 50% of its profits to the charity of your choice.

Goodwill Wine 
What is it? Boutique wine
Great gift for: Kris Kringle, or buy a few bottles to keep on hand for people you’ve forgotten to buy presents for
How does it help? Wine is one of those things that’s welcomed by just about everyone, so it’s a handy last-minute gift choice for that tricky person – and of course if you’ve stocked up in anticipation of needing gifts for people and then don’t need them after all, you can always drink it yourself. Add to this the fact that Goodwill Wine donates 50% of its profits to the charity of your choice, and it’s a win for everybody.


Bangle sales help villagers in Laos.
Bangle sales help villagers in Laos.

Stepping Stone bangle 
What is it? Metal bangle
Great gift for: Minimalists, male or female
How does it help? It’s perhaps not widely known that Laos is the most bombed country in the world, with 25% of villages still affected by unexploded ordnance dropped during the Vietnam war. This bracelet is forged by villagers from scrap metal which may include bomb casings. Not only does it look good, for every bracelet sold, 1 square metre of land is cleared of live ordinance, and the villagers also benefit from micro loan programs and infrastructure projects.


The rainbow pillowcase in partnership with Open Family.
The rainbow pillowcase in partnership with Open Family.

One Night Stand Pillowcase
What is it? Novelty pillow case
Great gift for: Lazy teenagers
How does it help? Normally teenagers are strongly advised against one night stands, but the benefits of supporting this organisation can’t be denied. Made from organic fabrics in conjunction with local creatives, the sleepwear and bed linen may look cheeky but their sale supports serious causes, including targeting youth homelessness and helping at-risk youth through partnership with Open Family.

The DreamPot supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
The DreamPot supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation.



What is it? A thermal, portable cooker
Great gift for: Significant other lady friends, BFFs, or anyone who likes cooking and the great outdoors
How does it help? Of course it doesn’t really matter what colour DreamPot you choose, it will do the same job of cooking up all manner of meals wherever the lucky recipient may be – out camping, on picnics or even at home, for those who are serious about saving energy. But for every purchase of this particular pot, $25 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, so it pays to think pink.

Give for the sake of giving
What is it? A donation to The Good Shepherd’s Safe Families Christmas Appeal.
Great gift for: The people who use The Good Shepherd’s services.
How does it help? The Good Shepherd been supporting people, especially women and girls, battling poverty and disadvantage for 150 years in Australia. A donation to the Good Shepherd helps the organisation provide counselling services, support for people experiencing domestic violence, wellbeing advice and mentoring services. A small Christmas donation (or even a large one!) can go a long for people who need it the most.

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