Life Wellbeing Health gurus to follow on Instagram

Health gurus to follow on Instagram

Heath, vitality and good food are all the rage on Instagram.
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Health and wellbeing bloggers are popping up faster than organic juice bars, sharing their expert tips on everything from fitness to fertility. But most of us don’t have hours to spend on the blogosphere, wading through pages of posts for nuggets of wisdom. Check out our pick of 10 health gurus to follow on Instagram.  

Nat Kringroudis

Who is she: The fairy godmother of fertility, a doctor of Chinese Medicine, acupuncturist, speaker and mother.
Nat posts: Pictures of ‘fertile foods’, inspirational quotes and her ‘cute as can be’ kids.
Follow Nat: If you have babies on the brain and want to boost your fertility the natural way.


Fiona Forsyth


Who is she: A naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and blogger.
Fiona posts: Food and lots of it! This Instagrammer is all about what goes on your plate and making healthy food accessible to everyone.
Follow Fiona: If you’d rather leave the research to someone else and see simple, practical examples of how to put easy, healthy meals together.


James Duigan


Who is he: Aussie fitness guru behind the Clean and Lean Diet, who is probably best known for being Elle Macpherson’s trainer.
James posts: Recipes, ‘clean’ foods and snaps from his travels (his new bub Charlotte also stars!).
Follow James: If you want to discover what his mega-famous clients (like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) have for breakfast and get ideas for cleaner meal options to order when eating out.


Louise Bell


Who is she: Homewares boutique owner and unintentional food guru.
Louise posts: Mostly about homes and décor, but her  daily healthy lunch salads are fast becoming a feature.
Follow Louise: If you are a salad junkie, need quick lunch ideas and don’t mind a sneak peek of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


Jen Murphy


Who is she: Founder of the blog Creating a Colourful Life, supporting people to be happier and healthier.
Jen posts: Food ideas, fun things to do and the occasional snap of her rescue cat Kip.
Follow Jen: If you want to know how to integrate simple healthy living tips into your daily life and find out how Jen creates her own colourful life, through good food and positive practices.


Vegie Head


Who is it: Author Adele McConnell (aka VegieHead), a self-proclaimed ‘recipe revolutionist’ for plant-based meal options.
Vegiehead posts: Food and workout tips as well as ‘behind the scenes’ shots of Adele running foodie workshops.
Follow Vegiehead: If you are vegan, vegetarian or just wanting to make sure you sneak more veggies on your plate.


Eat Beautiful


Who is it: A new homegrown health and wellbeing community developed by actress Rachel Jessica Tan, with a focus on positive body image.
What they post: Wellness quotes, tips and pretty pictures designed to make you feel uplifted and supported.
Follow Eat Beautiful: If you like being part of an online community, enjoy daily affirmations and encouragement.


Jules Galloway


Who is it: Naturopath, foodie and blogger Jules Galloway.
Jules posts: snacks, smoothies and snippets of life after a seachange.
Follow Jules: If you want to see what naturopath’s really eat at home and want ideas for small, achievable changes to improve your wellbeing.


Dr Ashlee Good


Who is she: Aussie Osteopath, health coach, wellness activist and blogger.
Ashlee posts: Gorgeous shots of everything to do with healthy living, including how to make kale chips, peeling prawns on the beach and soaking up the sun.
Follow Ashlee: If you are on Instagram as much for the pretty pictures as you are for wellness tips. Surf and sunrises make the perfect backdrop to pretty much everything on this account!


Lee Holmes


Who is she: A wholefoods chef and holistic health coach.
Lee posts: A range of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar free recipe ideas to supercharge your food.
Follow Lee: If you are on a restricted diet or tempted to start eliminating certain things from your diet and are looking for food-spiration!

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