Life Travel Taking the Plunge, literally

Taking the Plunge, literally

Overcome your fear of heights by ziplining across the Danao Adventure Park. Photo:
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The Plunge is a fitting name for the stomach-turning drop that surely beats any theme park ride.

Fast approaching a landmark birthday, I would never have imagined myself daring to literally take the plunge at Bohol’s Danao Adventure Park – particularly when all of my younger colleagues opted not to do so.

I’ve opted to forgo the river trek, kayak, cliff rappel, caving, root climb or sky ride in favour of the world’s highest canyon swing ($20) – better known to many as a bungee jump, without the elastic.

Just like painting, the preparation time is the killer as anticipation grows about your impending fate with a 70-metre free fall before swinging on a 280-metre arc.

The looming fate conjured in challenged minds could easily have participants backing out long before they are tightly bound in a [probably suitable] straitjacket-like harness.

But the attention to detail deployed by the inspector in ensuring everything is correct adds to the reassurance of safety before the moment of truth.

The easiest transition is to first take the Suislide zipline ($10) ride across the canyon, taking in the spectacular views over the coconut trees and the Wahig River to the cliffs waiting 480 metres opposite.

The cables carry 1000 kilograms, so tandem rides alongside a friend are a familiar sight.

Some also opt to tread carefully on the glass walk, then you do it all over again on the return journey.

In peak season, the Plunge can handle more than 30 brave souls each day.

In reality, the adrenaline has barely had time to flow before you’re gracefully swinging across the canyon in a cradle-like embrace that is strangely comforting in the pendulum-like conveyance.

And before you know it, it’s all over as the operator reels you in like a prized catch and you step back on terra firma, seemingly invincible after conquering Nature and your fears.

If only it were that simple.

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