Life Travel The best Australian state to visit according to National Geographic

The best Australian state to visit according to National Geographic

Tasmania Honeymoon Bay
Tasmania's natural beauty – like Honeymoon Bay – has helped score the state a spot on the must-visit list for 2020. Photo: Getty
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The Northern Territory might have a rock, Queensland a reef and Sydney a bridge, but it’s Tasmania’s natural wonder that has secured the state a spot on National Geographic‘s must-see list.

The publication has flown the state’s flag high in the face of other Australian destinations, awarding the Holiday Isle the prestigious prize on its list of the top 25 destinations to visit in 2020.

Travellers ready to embrace the list will see themselves seal watching in Quebec, bantering with locals in Bosnia, or trekking through Tasmania’s remote wilderness.

The top picks are divided into four categories: Culture, city, nature and adventure, with Tasmania falling into the latter category.

“Once considered a backwater, Tasmania is now one of Australia’s fastest-growing tourism destinations,” National Geographic wrote.

“Key to the appeal of Australia’s southernmost state is its raw natural beauty, which it owes largely to a combination of its remoteness (airport expansion plans are under way, but international flights are still a few years off) and the enduring green spirit of its half million or so residents.

“Swathed in 2000-year-old trees and home to real-life devils (and even “tigers,” if you believe the rumors that the officially extinct thylacine lives on), it’s the stuff outdoor adventures are made of.

“After making the trek here, visitors find that most of Tassie’s attractions are surprisingly accessible.

“It takes just four hours to drive the length of the state. No matter where you base yourself, opportunities to become immersed in nature are never far away – nearly half the state is designated national park, after all.”

The Top 25

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mark 25 years of peace. Photo: Getty
Guizhou Province, China. Step into villages almost untouched by time. Photo: Getty
Tohoku, Japan. Escape the Olympic crowds naturally. Photo: Getty
National Blue Trail, Hungary. Take a hike on a lesser-known European path. Photo: Getty
Telč, Czechia. Be charmed by a fairytale setting. Photo: Getty
Magdalen Islands, Canada. See a beautiful but diminishing world of ice—and the harp seals that depend on it. Photo: National Geographic
Wales Way, UK. Follow far-reaching routes that get the blood pumping. Photo: Getty
Abu Simbel, Egypt. Enjoy a private audience with Ramses II. Photo: Getty
Fort Kochi, India. Track artful trends in creative Kerala. Photo: Getty
Zakouma National Park, Chad. Support an African elephant haven. Photo: National Geographic
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rediscover an American classic. Photo: Getty
Puebla, Mexico. Because baroque is back! Photo: Getty
Kalahari Desert, southern Africa. Count the stars in one of the darkest spots on the planet. Photo: Getty
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. See a geological wonderland eons in the making. Photo: Getty
Maldives. Explore forward-thinking islands on the front lines of climate change.Photo: Getty
Tasmania, Australia. The state is home to national parks full of beauty. Photo: Getty
Asturias, Spain. Relish an Iberian province capped with snowy summits and steeped in tradition.Photo: Getty
Göbekli Tepe, Turkey. Feel your paradigms shift at the world’s oldest known temple complex.Photo: Getty
Mendoza Province, Argentina. Drink a mighty Malbec and delve into the roots of its flavour.Photo: Getty
Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. Jump through the Ring of Fire. Photo: Getty
Guatemala. Meet the Maya – past and present. Photo: Getty
Parma, Italy. Savour a multisensory feast. Photo: Getty
Canary Islands, Spain. Reach an end of the world. Photo: Getty
Białowieża Forest, Belarus/Poland. Discover one of Europe’s last true wild places. Photo: Getty
Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria. Drive to views once accessible only to mountaineers. Photo: Getty

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