Gather your treasures on holiday and make the most of them when you return home. Gather your treasures on holiday and make the most of them when you return home.
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Eight unique travel-inspired home decor ideas

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Holidays can be over before you know it but a little destination-inspired decorating can make those feel-good memories last a lifetime. Here’s how to make it work for you.

Take inspiration from the detail

Bring the holiday home. Photo: Craig Denis

Sometimes less is more when it comes to bringing the feeling of a holiday home.

If you’ve just returned from an African safari, for example, think about the animals you saw on the trip. I fell in love with zebras on a recent trip to Kenya and, other than bringing one home with me, I can’t think of a better way to remind me of those mesmerising lovelies than by introducing some gorgeous zebra stripes into my home. This faux zebra skin bench adds a dramatic twist to an entry hall.

Use colour to jog your memory

If you can’t quite put your finger on what you most loved about your holiday, chances are it had something to do with colour.

Consider the rusty reds of Uluru, the lush greens of Kakadu in the wet season, or the dry, yellow plains of the NSW countryside. With a little imagination, you can weave those colours into your living spaces. The gentle coastal hues in this lounge room trigger memories of the blue ocean, warm sun, and lush tropical gardens.

Show off your photos

Capturing the essence of a place through photographs is half the fun when you’re travelling, but too often all those brilliant memories end up hidden from sight on computer hard drives.

Share your best shots – or the ones that mean the most to you – in a framed collection where every picture has a story to tell.

Step it up to the next level

A daily reminder of your travels. Photo: Mina Brinkey

Sometimes a holiday destination makes such an impact on us that we want to do more than just hint at where we’ve been.

These beautiful tiles take the owners on a return journey to Mexico every time they climb the stairs. This look can take time and care to get right, but what a conversation starter.

Display your shopping haul

Trawling foreign lands for treasures is half the fun of exploring somewhere new, but having a theme in mind can focus your search.

These texture-rich baskets combine to create a knockout display. Tie in some of the colours with cushions, and you have a look that works.

Hang your memories on the wall. Photo: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Dream of exotic lands

If you couldn’t get enough of the decor in your hotel room while you were away, consider introducing some of the elements into your own bedroom.

Even if there are no mosquitoes to be found where you live, don’t let that stop you creating a tropical feel with the help of a mosquito net. If you don’t have a four-poster bed, hang a net from the ceiling or create this look with a simple frame constructed over your bed.

Hang onto that beach holiday bliss

The sun-kissed days are long, the ocean calls, and you’ve never felt so relaxed.

Whether you hit the surf when you go away or just love that beach house look, find a vintage surfboard (or use your own) and get some of that holiday vibe happening at your house.

Kitchens are usually the place where families gather together most often. Here, the surfboard creates a focal point that sets the mood.

Make over a room using imported inspiration

The French have made their mark on decor throughout the world, so take no shame in borrowing from these masters of refined style.

Be sure to source some authentic French linen in your travels throughout France, then turn it into cushion covers, curtains, table runners or even tea towels. It’s failsafe fabric that will add flair to any room of the house.

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