Life Travel How grandparents plan to blow $70m win

How grandparents plan to blow $70m win

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A Hervey Bay grandmother’s New Year’s resolution to bring more positivity into her life is off to the ideal start after she and her husband scooped the pool in Thursday night’s $70 million Powerball draw.

The couple said they led a frugal existence, but were now looking forward to splashing out on some of life’s finer things. Like cream puffs.

What could you buy with $70 million? 
$27.75 million for a day’s work? Not bad…

“We’ve always been mindful of money, and skimped and saved where we could,” the man said.

“We don’t get tempted to buy the cream puffs.

“But we won’t have to be frugal any more; I can toss out all those specials catalogues.”

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Residents of the popular whale watching town of Hervey Bay are trying to figure out the identity of the new millionaires in their midst.

After some investigation in the bakeries of the Hervey Bay region, none of which sold a product specifically called ‘cream puffs’, Lars Voigtlander of the Eli Waters Brumby’s told The New Daily the closest comparison would be a custard tart or vanilla slice – both clocking in at $3.60.

So that’s the best part of 20 million ‘cream puffs’ – enough to lull most of the country into a diabetic coma.

Mr Voigtlander said the identity of the couple was the talk of the town on Friday, but that no one was any the wiser regarding their identity.

“I’ve got no idea mate,” he said. “Everyone’s still trying to figure it out.”

The shopping list

In addition to sorting out their blood sugar levels, the couple said charities would be in for a slice as well.

“It won’t be wasted. We’ll be helping our family and giving to a few charities close to our hearts,” the woman said.

The man said the win comfortably outstripped their biggest previous windfall – “the old chook raffle”.

One lucky grandfather will soon be cruising around in his dream car. Photo:

If locals can’t work out who the winning couple is soon, the mystery may be when two friendly faces disappear: the pair are planning on jetting off as soon as the Northern Hemisphere warms up a bit.

“We haven’t done much travel in our lives, but now we’re off,” the woman said.

“You won’t see us around here for long. We’ll just have to wait until Europe and the USA warm up a bit.”

And her husband is eyeing himself up a new set of wheels – perhaps a Lotus or a Ferrari with which to bring home a nice vanilla slice haul from Brumby’s.

“There’s also a dream car on the horizon which was always out of reach until now,” he said.

The price of the most expensive car for sale at Hervey Bay Chrysler Jeep Dodge, according to their website, was a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited diesel, with an asking price at $68,548.

And dispelling any notions whatsoever about the technical capabilities of small-town grandparents, the couple even went online to check their numbers – on a tablet no less.

“I got out my tablet to check my numbers online this morning and I was all thumbs,” the man said.

“If I checked it once, I checked it a thousand times.”


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