Life Travel Masterpieces on wheels: some really cool caravans

Masterpieces on wheels: some really cool caravans

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Caravans come in many shapes and sizes, but you’d have to be a pretty lucky camper to own one of these.

From monsters of the road to incredibly innovative design, each of the RVs on this list offers something special to whoever gets their hands on them.

They may not be a realistic purchase for your next camping trip, but they certainly might inspire it.

1. Fold-out fun

Dutch firm Bohtlingk came up with this ingenious, albeit obscure fold-out design, which makes the very best of a caravan’s limited space. The floor triples in size when you bring down the sides, sleeping four.

camper1 camper2

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2. Land and water

Sealander’s ‘amphibious camper’ takes camping to a new level: the water. Relieving consumers from the conundrum of choosing a boat or caravan, the ‘amphibious’ is both.

sealander sealander2 sealander3

3. Home on the road

American company Tumbleweed Tiny House Company delivers just what the name suggests. These mini-homes are fitted with almost every detail you’d find in a real house, except this one can change its address anytime.




3. Abu Dhabi monster

Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan’s fleet of incredible vehicles includes the ‘Al Houdaj’, also known as the largest ‘caravan’ in the world (complete with satellite). The question is, can it be towed?

al houdaj

DT4XB3 Al Houdaj , the world's largest 2-wheel caravan at Emirates National Auto Museum outside Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates

al houdaj3

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