Life Travel New website is Airbnb for caravans

New website is Airbnb for caravans

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First there was HomeCamp, a website that helps turn spare backyard spaces into mini caravan parks.

Now there’s another Airbnb-style, peer-to-peer website that helps connect RV owners with travellers who want to rent a caravan or motorhome on the cheap. (formerly is a new caravan rental website that connects owners who don’t use their RV regularly, with those who are looking to rent one at rates that are up to 50 per cent cheaper than commercial operators.

Popular website Airbnb has disrupted the tourism industry. Photo:
Popular website Airbnb has disrupted the tourism industry. Photo:

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The Founder and General Manager of MyCaravan, Tim Bos, says the website is also a way for RV owners to earn money from ‘under-utilised’ caravans that are only used for a few weeks a year.

“MyCaravan provides one of the safest and most secure platforms for owners to rent their caravans that combines online ID verification, security bonds and reputation feedback to assess the trustworthiness of people using the peer-to-peer website,” he said.

“For those without the experience of hauling caravans to their desired destination, MyCaravan’s unique No-Tow feature allows renters to have the caravans delivered to their chosen site.

“They simply find their vacation vehicle online, choose a site near the owner’s location, then simply drive to the destination. The caravan owner will deliver and setup the caravan for the renter, for a small fee.”

The relaunched site currently has 43 RVs listed from around Australia, with daily rates ranging from $40 for a tiny teardrop camper to $239 for a big fifth-wheeler caravan.

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