Life Travel Where you travel reveals your personality type

Where you travel reveals your personality type

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Researchers have come up with a way of predicting a person’s disposition by looking at the places they choose to holiday.

Results of the University of Virginia study reported that extroverts prefer to put their feet up on the beach while introverts like to bunker down in mountainous surrounds.

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Head researcher and psychologist Shigehiro Oishi came up with the idea based on long held theories of “person-environment fit,” or the understanding that people select surroundings to fulfil their desires and values.

For introverts, you can't beat the solace of somewhere like Lake St Clair in Tasmania. Photo: Getty
For introverts, you can’t beat the solace of somewhere like Lake St Clair in Tasmania. Photo: Getty

“We argue that beaches are typically noisier, with more people to watch, talk to, and hang out with than mountains,” Mr Oishi writes.

“In contrast, mountains offer many secluded places, which facilitate isolation.”

Mr Oishi and his team asked 921 undergraduate students to rate their personalities using a standard survey, reports CityLab.

They were then asked if they preferred the mountains or the ocean.

Introversion was linked to an inkling for mountain comfort and extroversion to the sea.

Save for whether they were introverted or extroverted, there were no other distinguishing factors for preference of setting.

The results were confirmed with further testing which included image association and questioning of another student sample.

This interestingly revealed that within towns and populations, the more elevated people live, the more introverted they’re likely to be.

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