Life Travel Frequent flyer sues Qantas for slow beer

Frequent flyer sues Qantas for slow beer

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Wayne Chisholm, 46, is suing Qantas in a civil claim in the Adelaide Magistrates Court seeking $10,000 for an “outrageous” lack of customer service.

In court documents, Mr Chisholm claimed his recent South African hunting trip was ruined, in part, because cabin crew took 45 minutes to refresh his drink, News Limited reports.

“My mate and I would press the button for a drink and we would wait anywhere up to three-quarters of an hour before we’d get a beer or wine,” he said.

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The gun shop owner’s claim also mentions three delayed flights and a passenger who reclined their seat “into his face”.

“Over the last 12 to 18 months Qantas’ customer service on their flights and their general attitude has gone down, their standards have gone out the window,” Mr Chisholm alleged.

He said he was considering cancelling his silver membership to the frequent flyer program and moving his travel patronage to competitor Virgin.

“If this is what your cost-cutting is going to produce in the future … I will cancel my silver membership and join Virgin, even if it means getting a sore arse from their uncomfortable seats.

“It has left a very bitter taste in my mouth, I’m at a crossroads at the moment whether I need to find another carrier that’s going to give me a better service or whether I stick with Qantas and hope things get better.”

In a statement of defence, Qantas said Mr Chisholm was not entitled to compensation.

“Qantas conditions of carriage state that flight times are not guaranteed and do not form part of the contract of carriage,” court documents state.

Mr Chisholm said the parties were negotiating out of court.

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