Life Travel You know you’re an Australian when …

You know you’re an Australian when …

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Australia Day is unequivocally regarded as a day to have a beer, play beach cricket and celebrate this great sun-kissed nation with close friends and family.

It’s also a time to acknowledge that, as a country, we’re pretty darn unique.

From our wildlife to our sense of humour and inexplicable obsession with the weather, Australians set themselves apart from the pack.

So how can you tell if you’re a ridgy didge, dinky di, true blue, dyed-in-the-wool, fair dinkum Australian? For starters, you’re reading this article. That and…

You find tipping to be a highly uncomfortable, unnatural experience

A politician swearing isn’t a national scandal. It’s endearing


The uploader hasn’t made the video available in your country


Hot weather is front page news

You know exactly what “pulling a Steven Bradbury” means

You quote Chris Lilley characters in your daily life

Going to the hardware store is more about a sausage sizzle than buying nuts and bolts

Expensive bananas are a national tragedy

They’re not English people. They’re Poms

You have an opinion on who is the better Stefanovic brother

You’re a law-abiding citizen in all aspects of your life, except Games of Thrones and House of Cards. And the latest Taylor Swift album. And everything else that’s a movie, television show or music

You cringe when a visiting dignitary strangles the phrase “G’day mate” in an attempt at humour


“Maaaaaaate” is a word that can mean “hello” and “what the hell are you doing?” often simultaneously

You liked your avocado smashed at breakfast


You’ve experienced sunburn so severe that blinking hurts

You feel great pride when The New York Times criticises the government. They noticed us!

Excited GIF

You sit in the front seat of taxis

How I roll meme

It’s grammatically correct to end at least one word per sentence with an ‘o’ e.g. “It’s next to the thingo”, “I’m going to the bottlo”, “Get some from the servo” or “I got it from Thommo”


Vegemite withdrawal is a real thing and you have to take some with you whenever you go travelling overseas

Christina Yang sedate me

You know stubbies can be either drunk or worn

Smug Judge Judy

“Thongs” are a clothing item worn on your feet

Australian thongs

Removing a huntsman spider from your home is the ultimate show of bravery


You’ve drunkenly considered getting a Southern Cross tattoo

You like beetroot on your burgers

You don't undestand

You claim Russell Crowe as your countryman whenever he does something right

You’ve told an American you ride a kangaroo to work just to impress them

Not even a little bit true

Leaving your car outside transforms it into a portable sauna

Seatbelt branding you

Train timetables are compelling works of fantasy fiction

This train is...

Aerogard is the only perfume you need

Mosquito eating man

You panicked when they announced they were reducing the size of the Killer Python

If I don't survive

You’ve eaten half-time oranges at a sporting match

You’ve done the quiz on the back of a Fantales wrapper


There’s no worse feeling than getting sand stuck in your sunscreen

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