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How to make flying easier

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1. Take your own food








Pack your own food and snacks to ensure that what you’re eating is nourishing and fresh. You also won’t have to worry about going hungry between meal service.

Some budget airlines don’t allow food on the plane, because they make money by selling it to you, so check ahead.

2. Meditate








Studies show that meditation relieves stress and boosts your immune system, something that is very important when travelling. Long-haul flights offer a great opportunity to practise without distraction.

Smiling Mind is a great free app with guided meditations for beginners.

3. Pack warm clothes








Airplane cabins can reach freezing temperatures, even in summer, so it’s important to pack extra clothes in your carry on luggage. A pair of thick socks and a warm scarf that can double as a blanket will keep you warm and are must-haves when flying.

Board a flight in thongs and lightweight clothing at your own peril.

4. Avoid alcohol








While free beer and wine on some airlines can be tempting, alcohol will only dehydrate you even more, adding to your jet lag. Avoid the alcohol trolley, and any coffee, and opt for herbal teas instead.

Pack some herbal tea bags in a zip lock bag, and ask cabin staff to bring you a cup of hot water.

5. Pack a water bottle








Drinking water on a flight is an obvious flying hack, but many people don’t drink enough. Take an empty water bottle on to the plane, and ask cabin staff to refill the bottle for you.

Whatever you do, don’t refill the bottle in the airplane toilet – the water is not safe for drinking.

6. Invest in headphones








Good quality noise cancelling head phones will allow you to get some rest on the plane and properly enjoy your music.

Bose have a great range of noise cancelling headphones, but if you’re on a budget, or would rather spend the money on your holiday, check eBay for a good deal.

7. Choose your seat








Most airlines charge you extra for the luxury of choosing your seat, but on a 12 hour flight, you’ll be glad you did.

An aisle seat will allow you to get up and move around more, while the window seat will give you a cosier space to sleep. Choose what you is more important to you.

8. Take an eye mask








If you’re serious about getting sleep on the plane, an eye mask will allow you to sleep through meal service and other times that lights are on in the cabin.

9. Try some mile-high yoga








Stretching throughout the flight will help ward off leg cramps and back pain, and keep the circulation flowing. You’ll also feel more relaxed during the flight and energised when you land.

There are plenty of great yoga poses and stretches that you can do in your seat or at the back of the plane, all listed here.

10. Try a sleep aid sleep








If you’re a light sleeper, consider a natural sleep aid like melatonin supplements. This can also be useful if you struggle to adjust to your destination’s time zone.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body to aid sleep, and can be bought in supplement form. Ask you doctor about which melatonin dose is correct for you.

11. Pack a toothbrush








Perhaps one of the worst things about getting off a long flight is that feeling of furry teeth and stale breath. Pack a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste, and brush you teeth in the lavatory before your flight starts its decent.

This is a guaranteed way to feel fresh when you land.

12. Load your favourite TV show onto a tablet








Books not only take up space in your carry on luggage, but you’ll also feel awkward turning the light on to read one when the cabin lights have been turned off.

Load a few seasons of your favourite TV show onto a tablet, and you’ll have hours of guaranteed entertainment.

13. Stay moisturised








The low humidity in airplane cabins means that your skin, eyes, lips and even nostrils dry out. Pack lip balm, eye drops, moisturiser and a nasal spray, using them often to combat the drying effect of flying.

If you’re short on space, a small bottle of rosehip oil can be used as a moisturiser all over. Saline nasal spray is also great for flushing out any germs in recycled airplane air.

14. Pack a travel pillow








Neck pillows are great if you’re planning on sleeping during the flight and don’t want to wake up with a kink in your neck.

They can take up a lot of room in your luggage however, so consider a blow-up neck pillow instead.

15. Wear comfortable clothing








While you may want to get off your flight looking like George Clooney or Angelina Jolie, flying economy means you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.

Pack clothes that are comfortable enough to sleep in and leave the suit jackets and high heels in your checked luggage.

16. Disinfect your seat








Meal trays and arm rests on planes are hardly ever cleaned, so pack some disinfectant wipes in your carry on, and wipe down your seat when you board.

You’ll avoid many germs by doing this and reduce your chance of catching anything.

17. Get organised








Instead of fumbling around in your carry on luggage trying to find things, an organiser will help keep your headphones, chargers, mints and anything else you’re likely to grab, in one place.

This way you can just shove everything you need in the seat in front of you, and you’re less likely to lose things. We like the cocoon.

18. Use essential oils








If you’re looking for a natural way to relax on the plane, or feel energised when you land, then pack some essential oils in your carry on.

Lavender is great for helping you sleep, while peppermint will invigorate you when you reach your destination.

19. Keep your phone off








Using your phone to listen to music or play with apps may be a great way to kill the time, but you’ll drain your battery before you land at your destination, making arriving even harder.

Load music onto an iPod or MP3 player, and keep your phone off for the flight so it’ll have plenty of juice when you land.

20. Set your watch to your destination








By setting your watch to the time of your destination, you’ll get a head start on adjusting to the time zone you’re arriving in.

Check your watch and try to eat and sleep according to the time of your destination.

What are your tried and tested tips for flying long-haul? Share them with us below.

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