Life Travel Palmer’s Jurassic Park opens in Queensland

Palmer’s Jurassic Park opens in Queensland

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Some labelled his ambitious plan bizarre and tacky but Clive Palmer’s very own Jurassic Park has opened.

It began with a life-size, eight-metre-tall mechanical tyrannosaurus rex erected at the federal MP for Fairfax’s Palmer Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast in October.

Now the resort is home to Palmersaurus, which features 160 moving, roaring, life-size dinosaurs including a velociraptor, triceratops and brachiosaurus.

Some are up to 22 metres long, others are up to 10 metres high.

Mr Palmer, who plans to build the Titanic II, told AAP after the official opening on Saturday it wasn’t a dream come true – “it’s just one of the many things I do”.

He was happy with the turnout at the opening and said children seemed to enjoy the dinosaurs.

The park is being promoted as one of the largest dinosaur parks in the world.

Sunshine Coast councillor Russell Green said last month he feared putting the dinosaurs in view of the resort’s golf course, which hosts the PGA Tour each year, would turn it into a running joke.

“It’s almost turning into a scene out of (comedy film) Happy Gilmore, where you putt down the fairway, you bounce the ball off T-rex’s left leg and get it into the 18th hole – it’s quite bizarre.”

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