Life Trading Places 2016 Australia’s best seachange towns No.2: Terrigal

Australia’s best seachange towns No.2: Terrigal

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Terrigal is not just another summer holiday destination but a town in which you can live in the truest sense of the word.

Situated between Sydney to the south and Newcastle to the north on the NSW Central Coast, it is practically “jumping” with energy, demanding the nation’s attention.

Mayor Lawrie McKinna moved here in 2005 after being named coach of the A-League’s Central Coast Mariners, and says it beats many other places in the world.

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“I’ve travelled all over Europe, I’ve travelled all over Asia, I’ve lived in China, Melbourne, Sydney … I’ve been to many places in the world, but every time I drive into Terrigal, it’s like a postcard,” he says.

“In the holiday season, it’s a place that’s absolutely jumping, but during the off-season all of the locals use the restaurants, pubs and cafes, so it’s a very vibrant place.”

The town sits on the southern end of a 4km stretch of unbroken beach lined with Norfolk pines and cradled by a headland called The Skillion, which provides a scenic view of the town and surrounding areas.

The calm waters of the Terrigal and Wamberal lagoons are favourites with families and paddleboarders, surfers, kite surfers and fishermen and women.

Retired couple Ed and Margaret Simonds moved from Sydney to their dream home on the beachfront to be closer to their daughter and granddaughter.

“Being close to the water and just being able to walk to the beach is a big plus for us,” Mrs Simonds says.

“There are many cafes and boutique shops in Terrigal, a large variety of places to eat.”

Community support for local businesses has proven to be integral for success, according to Andrew Cox, who recently opened a café called Kemu on the Terrigal beach front.

“Every morning we get our regulars who come in and we’re getting to know their coffees now,” Mr Cox says.

“We’ve almost got it cooking for them before they come in,” he laughs.

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