Life Trading Places 2016 Australia’s best seachange towns No.7: Lennox Head

Australia’s best seachange towns No.7: Lennox Head

lennox head
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Sitting quietly between Ballina and Byron Bay, Lennox Head is sometimes overlooked by the crowds, but that’s how the locals prefer it.

Loved by surfers and seachangers alike, Lennox may have lost much of the hippy contingent that poured in during the 1970s, but hasn’t lost its village charm.

Debbie Smith, owner of the local caravan park, was lured from Sydney years ago before the ‘secret got out’.

lennox head trading places 2016 at a glance“Lots from Sydney are here. The secret’s out. My clientele might go to Byron for the festivals, but they love coming back to Lennox,” Ms Smith says.

From Pat Morton Lookout, popular with walkers and dolphin watchers, to the famous surf break and Tea Tree Lake, the town of 7000 has outdoor beauty covered.

“Lennox Head’s twice as good as Byron Bay, but half the price,” says mayor David Wright, who cites no traffic, crystal clear water and community atmosphere as the town’s major drawcards.

Jon Taylor’s family has owned a beach house in Lennox for years, and enjoys escaping from the inner-city crush every once in a while.

“What makes it special is the people who are very active, yet very laid back and not pretentious,” he says.

Surfers flock to the 7.2km stretch of beach between the surf club and Flat Rock, which has a world-famous right-hand point break.

But the locals say Lennox Head is more than just surfing heaven. Seachangers claim to be more than happy with the sleepy vibe and caring atmosphere. Slow gentrification has also brought with it a slice of the south.

“We’re seeing little streaks of Melbourne emerge in Lennox,” says caravan park manager Ms Smith.

“There’s a little coffee culture going on and a burgeoning art scene.”

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