Life Tech Friends with Netflix benefits? Nearly one in two ‘freeload’ streaming off mates, family

Friends with Netflix benefits? Nearly one in two ‘freeload’ streaming off mates, family

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Everyone loves a freebie, and when it comes to internet film and TV streaming services a staggering 8.5 million Australians are estimated to be ‘freeloading’ off a friend or family member.

A nationally representative survey of more than 1000 Australian adults found that nearly one in two (44 per cent) were using a family member or friend’s streaming service login.

The survey by comparison site Finder found that Netflix had the most ‘moochers’ (24 per cent), followed by Stan (17 per cent), Disney+ (14 per cent), and Amazon Prime Video (12 per cent).

With nearly nine in ten (88 per cent) of Australians using internet streaming services, that means half of Internet TV users are mooching off someone, Finder said.

Which generation freeloads the most?

Generation Z and Generation X Australians were the most likely to be relying on someone else for their access to streaming services.

Nearly three in four (74 per cent) of Generation Z respondents said they were using an account that wasn’t in their name.

More than one in two (51 per cent) of Generation X respondents admitted to freeloading, followed by 38 per cent of millennials (Gen Y) and 20 per cent of baby boomers.

Sharing streaming subscriptions is “an easy way to cut costs while retaining the benefits of multiple subscriptions”, Finder’s streaming editor James Dampney said.

“Instead of paying for multiple Internet TV accounts, consider account sharing with friends or family,” Mr Dampney said.

“Make sure to keep track of who is paying for each service, and who has login privileges – sometimes siblings or old housemates can end up mooching off your account.”

Mr Dampney also urged Australians to ensure they aren’t paying for services they don’t use.

“Even if you’re sharing accounts with other people, remember to cancel any services that you aren’t using – this is a pointless money drain,” he said.

A recent survey by independent research company AMPD found that three out of five Australians are paying for forgotten online subscriptions, with some wasting hundreds of dollars each year.

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