Life Tech Adele named the ‘most dangerous’ celebrity on the internet

Adele named the ‘most dangerous’ celebrity on the internet

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Your penchant for celeb gossip is putting you at risk of becoming a cyber crime victim – and it’s Adele fans who are copping it most.

Adele has made headlines in the past 12 months for her musical performances, weight-loss transformation and even divisive costumes – and hackers are riding her fame train just like the rest of us.

A web search for ‘Adele’ generates the most harmful links, making her the most dangerous celebrity of 2020, web safety firm McAfee declared.

But wait – how does Adele put us in danger, exactly?

You and several million other internet users want to find out just what Adele’s been doing in her diet and exercise regime. So you Google ‘Adele weight loss’ – a bunch of websites come up in the search results.

Because hackers are nifty, they’ve been monitoring what people are searching for so they can tailor their traps to appeal to the most amount of potential victims.

Adele stunned when she revealed her ‘weight’ transformation earlier this year – and hackers lapped it up.

Their fake website lays in wait in your search results, ready for you to click and be lured to provide your email, full name, Facebook profile details – all manner of information.

“Deceptive practices, such as fake websites promising free content, can lead unsuspecting consumers to malicious sites purpose-built to steal valuable, personal information or take over devices,” McAfee’s Alex Merton-McCann said.

“Now more than ever, it is crucial consumers stay vigilant and always think before they click to protect their digital lives.”

After Adele, other gossip likely to run Australians into dangerous territory were searches for Drake’s ‘secret’ son Adonis and model Cara Delevingne‘s break-up with Ashley Benson.

Cara Delevingne
Delevingne split from her girlfriend in May after two years together – and we all wanted to know about it. Photo: Getty

Despite the bevy of streaming services at our disposal, we’re still a nation of freeloaders, apparently looking for free ways to stream movies, TV and tunes.

Anna Kendrick (Love LifePitch Perfect) is the second most dangerous person to search for online – look out for ‘free’ ways to stream her content – while Beyonce rounds out the top 10 list.

Don’t forget the young tackers, too. Children are increasingly being born with the knowledge of how to do just about everything online, especially when it comes to what’s trending.

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio is a favourite with hackers, as is rising pop star Benee.

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Here’s the most ‘dangerous’ celebs for 2020 so far

1. Adele

2. Anna Kendrick

3. Drake

4. Cara Delevingne

5. Charli D’Amelio

6. Alicia Keys

7. Avril Lavigne

How does Avril Lavigne make the list, you ask? Those conspiracy theories about her actually being dead resurfaced this year.

8. Benee

9. Camila Cabello

10. Beyonce