Life Tech Watch this TV show, or this movie? You’re most at risk of cyber crime

Watch this TV show, or this movie? You’re most at risk of cyber crime

Unorthodox follows 19-year-old Jewish woman Esty's bid to escape her arranged marriage. Photo: Netflix
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If you’ve got a soft spot for Jim Carrey’s eccentric pet detective, or have become hooked on the harrowing journey of young Jewish woman Esty – you’re just the kind of target cyber criminals are looking for.

Australians trying to save a buck or two are scouring the web for ways to stream movies or TV for free, and walking straight into the money-grabbing arms of hackers.

New research as revealed which movies and TV shows are being hijacked most to trap their victims.

The top flick is Ace Ventura, and the top TV show Netflix’s Unorthodox, cybersecurity firm McAfee discovered.

Scary movie fans are also at risk – half of the top 10 riskiest films fell into the horror/thriller genre.

Most of the top 10 at-risk TV shows were new releases, showing Australians’ impatience to wait, or unwillingness to pay, for content.

Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is cyber criminals’ favourite movie to target. Photo: Morgan Creek Entertainment

“With over three-quarters of Aussies watching TV and over two-thirds browsing the internet to pass the time during lockdowns, advice to stay at home has created the perfect environment for web crime,” McAfee online consumer safety guru Alex Merton-McCann said.

“Cyber criminals are quick to use consumer trends and behaviours to ensure their scam strategies are extra timely and convincing.

“Any link could very well lead to malicious websites that infect devices or steal valuable, personal information, so should think before you click.”

The best way to stay safe? Ditch the free streaming and use a reputable, known platform for your couch potato sessions.

The top 10 most at-risk movies

  1.  Ace Ventura
  2.  Green Book
  3.  John Wick
  4.   The Machinist
  5.  Annihilation
  6.  Ex Machina
  7.  A Star Is Born
  8.  Fyre
  9.  Lady Macbeth
  10.  Bird Box

The top 10 most at-risk TV shows

  1.    Unorthodox
  2.    You
  3.    Family Guy
  4.    Big Mouth
  5.    Homeland
  6.   The Vampire Diaries
  7.    Dynasty
  8.    Lost
  9.    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  10.    Stranger Things

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