Life Tech AirPods Pro launch in Australia

AirPods Pro launch in Australia

apple airpod pro
Apple announced the pro version of its popular AirPods on Tuesday. Photo: Getty
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The amped-up version of Apple’s cord-free headphones was announced on Tuesday, with the AirPods Pro available in Australia from Wednesday.

Those three letters – P R O – will set buyers back an extra $150, in comparison to the standard-model pods, which will still be available, at $399 for the newbie and $249 for the standard set.

So, what else do the pro-pods get you? Eartips.

Not for cleaning your eyes – for cancelling out noise.

They’ll come with three sizes of tips to attach for maximum noise black-out.

And if you don’t know the size of your inner ear, then happy days: The pods also come with a fitting test to deliver the best experience possible.

It’ll flex, fit and adjust as you move to make sure you never have to let the outside noise in.

It didn’t take long before the internet did what it does best, and start taking the mickey out of the new design.

All esoteric comparisons aside, the pro version does allow users to fully utilise the new tip in noise cancellation mode – but you can also flick to transparency mode if you want some external noise to filter through.

As Gizmodo pointed out, this could lead to some humorous (for other people) situations, as the mode-switch sits pretty darn close to the song skip/hang up buttons.

They’ll also be water resistant, and come with the wireless charging case.

Sadly, there’s no improvement to the pod’s battery life – the pro will rep 4.5 hours of playback, and the case 24 hours.

The AirPods Pro start shipping into Australia on October 30.

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