Life Tech Fortnite succumbs to meteor, turns into black hole

Fortnite succumbs to meteor, turns into black hole

The massively popular shooting video game Fortnite was 'destroyed' by a catastrophic meteor. Photo: Fortnite
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Do you have a millennial in your life who’s appearing more downcast than usual?

Odds are, they may be mourning the loss of one of the most fervently followed video games on the planet.

Fortnite, the online shooting game that hosts a casual 250 million players and sprouted dozens of online memes, has entered a state of complete unplayability after the game’s creators ‘blew up’ the game.

In an event titled “The End” – apt, as you will soon find out – a meteor that lay dormant entered a state of hyperactivity. And soon enough, it obliterated the entire game, leaving a black hole in its place.

Yes, this is the world of video games, and these things can happen.

Players have been logged out attempting to re-enter the game.

The game’s social media channels have been entirely wiped, with the exception of the aforementioned black hole.

And it has sparked mass panic among its devoted followers, with #Fornite trending across Australian social media channels throughout Monday.

But, with the game generating roughly $US300 million ($442.8 million) from online purchases every month, and some likening the game’s addictiveness to cocaine, it hardly spells the end of the franchise.

Many speculate Fortnite‘s developers are readying an update for its new ‘season’, which will bring updates to the game’s map and weaponry.

However, some have endorsed a cockeyed conspiracy theory suggesting Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought out the game’s owners to “save these kids from eternal virginity”.

For the meantime parents, just thank your lucky stars you can finally spend some quality time with your children because this outage certainly won’t be around for long.

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