Life Tech Battle of the streams: How Netflix, Stan and others stack up

Battle of the streams: How Netflix, Stan and others stack up

The Australian on-demand streaming landscape is no longer the sole domain of Netflix. Photo: Getty
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Netflix made the bold move on Thursday to up the price of its premium subscription, despite the looming arrival of Disney Plus.

The king of content streaming in Australia has raised its luxe package from a monthly cost of $17.99, to $19.99.

The basic and mid-range packages remain unchanged.

It might seem like peanuts, but it’s an interesting move when you consider Australians have never had so much choice when it comes to on-demand entertainment.

Disney Plus is set to land on November 12, and will eventually migrate a bunch of content from other providers – namely the Disney and Marvel offerings that Stan has been enjoying.

Analysts and experts watching the streaming world develop have remained divided on what effect Disney’s arrival will have on Stan and, to a lesser extent, Netflix.

Some say it will force the Australian-owned Stan to move into producing more home-grown content. Others say it will land the platform in a dire situation.

There’s also the growing force of Amazon Prime’s TV service to consider, and Foxtel’s power move to remain on Australian screens in its partnership with Netflix.

Oh yeah, and Apple TV could land any day now.

Latest figures show there are 12.03 million subscriptions to on-demand streaming services in Australia, with 43 per cent of households subscribing to more than one service – but we tend to cap our monthly spending at $30.

There’s no definitive answer to which platform is the best – it’s all down to personal tastes and budgets.

With that in mind, The New Daily has laid out the most popular platforms and stacked them against each other. Happy bingeing.


Monthly cost Basic one screen, standard definition $9.99; luxe four screens, ultra HD, $19.99

Lock-in plan? No

What you get Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Ozark, Black Mirror


Monthly cost Basic one screen, one device to download to, standard definition $10; luxe four screens, five download devices, Ultra HD, $17

Lock-in plan? No

What you get A Handmaids Tale, Romper Stomper, Better Call Saul

Amazon Prime

Monthly cost One plan to rule them all – three screens, 4K definition on supporting devices, $6.99

Lock-in plan? No

What you get Carnival Row, Downton Abbey, Fleabag

Disney Plus – what we know

Monthly cost One-size-fits-all, stream on every device imaginable, four screens, unlimited downloads, $8.99 a month

Lock-in contract? No, but you can pay $89.99 for an annual subscription

What you get The Marvel Universe, Star Wars, National Geographic content, Pixar, Disney

Foxtel Go

Monthly cost Basic (drama and entertainment) $49, plus six months free Netflix; luxe (sport, drama, movies, entertainment) $78, plus six months free Netflix. Watch or stream on all devices or through Foxtel iQ4 box

Lock-in plan? Yes, 12 months minimum

What you get As much as you want – the big up here is sport and movies


Monthly cost One package, $6.99, stream to devices

Lock-in plan? No

What you get All the reality TV you could ever (and never) want

Kayo Sports (owned by Foxtel)

Monthly cost Basic $25 two screens; luxe $35 three screens, high definition on supported devices

Lock-in plan? No

What you get 50+ sports, streamed to your device

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