Life Tech RACV customers hit with thousands of dollars in repeated debits

RACV customers hit with thousands of dollars in repeated debits

RACV has experienced another technical glitch that has emptied customers' bank accounts. Photo: RACV
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RACV customers are furious after a technical glitch led to multiple deductions for monthly payments, with some customers claiming their accounts have been emptied after being debited more than 90 times.

One angry customer, Duncan (who did not wish to give his surname), of Melbourne, said the insurer took 95 payments from his account on Tuesday, withdrawing more than $7900.

“I’m completely broke and I’m even more angry because they haven’t even had the decency to let their customers know about the issue,” he told The New Daily.

“I’ve also seen that they’ve debited $21,000 from another customer and it’s not good enough.”

A screenshot of a customer’s account showing multiple direct debits from RACV.

Duncan said he hoped RACV would compensate affected customers.

“I feel sorry for customers who couldn’t even fill up their petrol tank this morning.

“What has angered me the most is that not even one SMS was sent out to notify customers about the glitch,” he said.

The New Daily found several complaints on the company’s Facebook page from customers. Some claimed their accounts had been debited hundreds of times.

“RACV has just debited my credit card 300 times for the same amount! I can’t get a hold of anyone on the phones … clearly a big issue going on, are you planning on letting your members know? I cannot use my credit card because you keep debiting it,” one user wrote. 

An RACV spokeswoman blamed a system error for the issue. 

“We are working to fix this and reverse all incorrect transactions as quickly as possible,” she said.  

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Affected customers should contact the RACV on 1800 675 958. 

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