Life Tech The world’s best 25 inventions of 2017

The world’s best 25 inventions of 2017

25 best inventions 2017
The world's best 25 inventions of 2017 have been announced, according to TIME magazine. Photo: Jibo
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The banners of technology from 2017 have been revealed – with glasses for the blind, an all-in-one breast pump and pop-star Rhianna’s makeup line among this year’s best inventions.

TIME magazine released its annual unranked list on Friday. Here are the top new creations you need to get your hands on.

Smart speaker with emotion

Personal robots such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri are pushing the boundaries of smart-speaker capabilities.

But while they lack any user connectivity, Jibo breaks the mould of stationary speakers.

The Jibo looks like something straight out of a Pixar movie, with its animated body swivels and round head to convey emotion.

Vision for the blind

The eSight 3 is touted as the world’s most revolutionary pair of glasses with its ability to mimic actual vision for the legally blind.

eSight’s cutting-edge technology uses high-definition video in combination with magnification, contrast and proprietary algorithms to enable the blind to actually see.

Guilt-free ice cream

That overriding feeling of shame when you eat a whole tub of ice cream is no more.

Halo Top, a flavoursome, low-sugar ice cream actually encourages patrons to polish off the entire pint – and why wouldn’t you when it contains no more than 1506 kilojoules (360 calories) per tub.

The ice cream maintains its low-calorie count with zero-calorie stevia sweetener and erythritol, a sugar alcohol.

Portable breast pump

25 best inventions 2017
The game-changing, all-in-one breast pump. Photo: Willow Pump

The Willow Pump has fast become a must-buy for all mums.

The California-born product is a quiet, battery-powered alternative to clunky breast pumps, which is small enough that women on-the-go can slip it into their bra.

Rihanna’s ‘secret weapon’

Rihanna’s makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, took the beauty industry by storm in 2017.

While other brands have previously been slammed for marketing and catering to light and medium-skinned women, Fenty Beauty launched with 40 shades of foundation to promote “beauty for all women”, especially women of colour.

“It was also important that every woman felt included in this brand. We are all so different, with our own unique skin tones,” Rihanna told TIME magazine.

The smartest smartphone yet

TIME described Apple’s latest iPhone as “literally a dream come true”.

iPhone X launch
Apple’s iPhone X sold out in two hours in Australia. Photo: Getty

The 10th anniversary iPhone X comes with an edge-to-edge screen display, augmented reality-optimised processor and Face ID unlock for a sleek and sophisticated design.

It’s the most expensive iPhone yet ($1829 for 256GB), but it didn’t stop Apple fans from lining up around the block for the device, with the phone selling out within two hours of launch in Australia.

Empowering hijab

Nike was applauded for empowering Muslim athletes with the creation of its groundbreaking garment, the Pro Hijab, earlier this year.

Best 25 inventions 2017
Nike’s Pro Hijab innovation will be released next year. Photo: AAP

Unlike a traditional hijab, the Pro is made with light, breathable polyester fabric that wicks moisture to help manage sweat.

It will be sold worldwide early 2018.

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