Life Tech CES 2017: The coolest tech creations coming your way

CES 2017: The coolest tech creations coming your way

Robot Kuri was just one of the innovations to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show. Photo:
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The Consumer Electronics Show has wrapped up for another year, with a host of new tech announcements that herald an exciting year ahead for home entertainment, personal tech and automotive innovation.

This year’s line-up was dominated by a formidable array of new televisions – including super-thin, super-slash-ultra-high-definition models of all shapes, sizes and degrees of curvature – alongside one device we’ve been promised for decades: our very own robot.

Dawn of the robots

World, meet Kuri: a home robot that will revolutionise the way you live, work and play.

Not only can Kuri respond to voice commands, but it can also recognise faces and perform basic household tasks, like monitoring cooking or taking care of home entertainment.

The best part is, the only language Kuri speaks is robot: beeps, boops and bloops, much like R2D2, from Star Wars.

Alongside Kuri we also met Olly; a home robot that learns your routine and daily requirements, from London robotics startup, Emotech.

Olly is said to be a ‘learning’ robot; one that will leverage its Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help it adapt to your life, creating an experience that Emotech says is “unique and enjoyable”.

On the flipside of these very personal bots is the Prosthesis bot; an ‘anti-robot’ that is more terrifying walking machine than functional AI.

Designed as the future of sport, Prosthesis is a human-controlled, powered exo-robot that can reach speeds of up to 20 miles-per-hour (about 32 kilometres-per-hour).

If you’ve been looking for a new weekend hobby, Prosthesis could be a winner!

The evolution of TV

Now that we have more TV shows and movies than we will ever have time to watch, our collective attention has turned to the quality of vision and sound we obtain from our once-humble TV.

A number of companies presented refinements to their ultra-high-definition 4K TV range, with many reaching for grander heights, like brighter displays and greater depth of colour.

If image quality matters to you, you can’t go past Sony’s new Bravia 4K OLED TV. With “unprecedented black levels, rich and lifelike colour, dynamic contrast, blur-less image, and a wide viewing angle,” this TV will set a high mark for other companies to aim for.

Tech giant LG turned many heads with its new ‘wallpaper’ 4K OLED smart TV, which measures just 2.57 millimetres thin, and can be attached to most walls using magnets.

Dubbed the LG Signature OLED W TV, expect it on sale this year.

sony bravia
Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai presents the Bravia OLED television. Photo: Getty

To give you a further glimpse at the technological innovations ahead, here are some more devices that caught our eye.

Divergent 3D Printed Car

Lighter and faster than most supercars, this 3D printed car takes green manufacturing to a new level.

Acer Predator 21 X laptop

With a massive 21-inch, curved display and two graphics cards, this laptop is as powerful as it is expensive – about AUD$12,300.

UVify Draco Drone

Under controlled conditions, this drone can hit speeds of up to 100mph.

The Draco Drone
The Draco Drone

Populele U1

Learn the ukulele in minutes and be the bane of all your friends’ parties for the rest of your life!


A smart makeup mirror that features LED lighting to simulate various lighting conditions, as well as offering skin assessments.

Whill Model M

An all-terrain wheelchair that gives users the freedom to travel almost anywhere.

The Model M wheelchair can handle anything.
The Model M wheelchair can handle anything.

Misfit Vapour

A smartwatch for fitness fanatics, featuring heart rate and location tracking.

BlackBerry Mercury

BlackBerry lovers, rejoice! A new smartphone with a keypad is upon us.

Faraday Future FF91

A self-driving, all-wheel drive electric car that’s also super fast? This car is the future of the future of driving.

Razor Project Valerie

Not content with a single screen on your laptop? Bored with two? Then why not try three?!

The Project Valeria is a laptop with three screens.
The Project Valeria is a laptop with three screens.

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