Life Tech The New Daily presents the best video games of 2016

The New Daily presents the best video games of 2016

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Stuck for Christmas ideas? We give you the tips for the best video games to buy. Photo: Getty
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With 2016 yielding a bumper crop of indie masterpieces and beautiful remasters, there’s a range of fantastic video game titles available for the gamer in your life this Christmas.

These are The New Daily’s top picks from an excellent year in the rapidly growing genre.

the_last_guardian_cover_artThe Last Guardian

Console: PS4

Sprawling, beautiful and heartfelt – in this narrative puzzle (for want of a better word) game, the player forges a friendship with bird-mammal creature, Trico, and together must escape a mysterious land.

battlefield_1_cover_artBattlefield 1

Windows, PS4, Xbox One

Transporting players back to WWI, this update to the Battlefield saga is heavy on story and tactics, incorporating greater degrees of stealth and strategy than previous editions.

titanfall-2-coverTitanfall 2

Windows, PS4, Xbox One

A stellar sequel to the 2014 smash hit; wreak havoc in your trusty Titan (a BIG ROBOT) or fight alongside your metal buddy as you bound through maps unleashing hell on fellow pilots.


Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Part The X-Files thriller and part slow-burn puzzler, Virginia is the story of a graduate FBI special agent tasked with investigating the disappearance of a young boy.


Windows, PS4, Xbox One

Earning instant cult status with team-based shooter fans, this irreverent first-person shooter offers unique characters and a creative weapons system as an antidote to ‘serious’ shoot-em ups.

final-fantasy-xv-covers-1-1280x1597Final Fantasy XV

PS4, Xbox One

Featuring an improved real-time battle system, this open-world, role-playing game is the latest in the popular franchise, which you either love passionately or you hate with apathy. Epic and memorable.


Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One

Aussie gaming studio Surprise Attack captured nostalgic hearts when it dropped this cheeky, social first-person shooter in March – where the only way to win, is to cheat!

fifa17-cover-artFIFA 17

Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Are you the ultimate team manager? Test your skills on and off the field with a new solo campaign and trading system, then compete with friends and foes online.

batman-the-telltale-series-cover-artBatman: The Telltale Series

Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, iOS

For anyone who wants, nay, NEEDS to be ‘The Bat’, this game is for you. Don the cowl of Gotham City’s caped crusader to solve riddles, fight crime and deliver the ultimate punchline to The Joker.

pokemon-sun-moon-cover-artPokémon Sun / Pokémon Moon


If you’re done with Pokémon Go, you can now take your game to the next level by capturing and training 81 new Pokémon in these new additions to the franchise.

chibi-robo-cover-artChibi-Robo!: Zip Lash


Go, Chibi-Robo, GO! Look at this little robot, being all cute and addictive. Gift this platform/puzzle game to a friend or family member, and you’re guaranteed hours of silence.

monster-hunter-4-ultimate-cover-artMonster Hunter 4 Ultimate


An action-RPG that’s perfect for those new to fantasy or dungeon crawlers – you are charged with hunting and taking down fearsome monsters to protect the realm. That ol’ chestnut!


Android, iOS

Tinder for a Medieval Age! Kind of … Maintain your rule over your kingdom as you deal with requests from your military, your church and your people.

the-swords-cover-artThe Swords

Android, iOS

Raise your sword and defeat the forces of evil to become a Sword Master in this beautifully styled and addictive side-scroller.


Android, iOS

If you love Tetris, you will die for _PRISM. A puzzle game as intricate as it is infuriating, touch and tap your way through various games and feel your Zen grow.

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