Life Tech iPhone fury over ‘battery drain’ issue on latest iOS update

iPhone fury over ‘battery drain’ issue on latest iOS update

iphone 6
The majority of complaints came from iPhone 6 users. Photo: Getty
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Angry iPhone users have described watching their battery drain before their eyes after updating their handsets to iOS 10.1.1.

The tech company’s support page was flooded with frustrated user comments in the past week – a number of them claiming their battery suddenly drained from 30 per cent to zero.

Others said they would wake up with no battery after turning their phones off with 80 per cent the night before.

A similar problem appeared to be affecting some Apple Watch and MacBook users.

Multiple iPhone users claimed their phone would simply turn off at 30 per cent.

“Since a few days ago, my iPhone 6 battery lasts about 10 minutes, turns off at 30 per cent and needs to be plugged in to work,” complained one user.

iphone 7
The problem appears to be affecting owners of the new iPhone 7 too. Photo: Getty

“I am having the same issue. Unexpected shutdown at 30 per cent,” wrote another.

Most of the commenters claimed the issues had begun after downloading Apple’s most recent update – released to fix a bug that prevented certain users from accessing Health data.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The New Daily.

Apple adds to its battery woes

A number of commenters on Apple’s official support page detailed their battery drain issues only starting after they downloaded iOS 10.1.1.

“Hi Apple, When are you going to fix this battery drain issue on IOS 10.1.1? I had a fully operational phone with amazing battery life until I upgraded,” wrote one customer.

Another complained: “I updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 10.1.1 yesterday and now my battery is totally drained in 5 hours.”

“Since the update to iOS10.1.1, I’ve experienced that the phone drains the power. I’ve restored the iPhone 7+ several times, with no change,” said another.

While most complaints came from iPhone 6 owners, a number of users of the Apple Watch, MacBook and other iPhone models were also hit with problems.

Apple is yet to officially comment on the issue, but the company’s battery woes extend beyond its latest iOS update.

On November 20, the company released a statement saying it would be replacing the batteries of some defective iPhone 6 models.

Apple admitted a “very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down”, but stressed that it was “not a safety issue”.

Apple presumably wanted to ensure customers did not link its battery issues with those of Samsung’s embattled Galaxy Note 7 – which has now been recalled and is banned on aeroplanes due to a risk of the lithium batteries catching fire.

“If you have experienced this issue, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider and have your device’s serial number checked to confirm eligibility for a battery replacement, free of charge,” the company said.

Latest iOS update hit with other troubles

As often happens, Apple was forced to introduce the latest iOS update to fix a problem – this time with its Health app, which was deleting users’ data.

Unfortunately, customers claim the update has brought with it not only the battery issue, but a problem relating to the Apple Earbuds, or earphones.

iphone earphones
The latest update has also caused problems with Apple’s earphones’ microphone.

A number of users complained they had experienced problems with the in-built microphone malfunctioning when they used the earphones for hands-free phone calls.

The complaints for that specific issue have stretched to 18 pages long on the Apple Support Communities forum.

Apple has not yet announced a date for the iOS 10.2 update, but it is expected to roll out in mid-December.

The beta version of the update has already been well-received for its updated emoji options and for allowing users to make SOS calls without taking the phone out of their pocket.

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