Life Tech Twitter fires up over new iPhone 7

Twitter fires up over new iPhone 7

Twitter reacted with anger, but mostly with humour. Photo: Twitter
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Anger seemed to be the main reaction to Apple’s unveiling of its new iPhone 7, specifically over the tech giant’s bold decision to remove the headphone jack.

The hashtag #bringbackthejack trended this morning, with Apple and iPhone 7 mentioned in millions of tweets in Australia alone.

While much of the internet raged, a healthy cohort of Twitter predictably chipped in with its usual dose of wit and sarcasm.

Some riffed on the phone’s new “force-touch” home button, others on the inability to charge and listen to music simultaneously.

But public enemy number one was Apple’s wireless earbuds, or Airpods, which got a roasting over their cost or the ease with which they can be lost.

Here is a selection of some of the best reactions.










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