Life Tech A premium smartphone for under $120

A premium smartphone for under $120

The Alcatel POP 4 seems too good to be true.
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If you’ve been reluctant to upgrade to a new $1000-plus mobile phone, Alcatel may have just come to your rescue with the new POP 4 – a smartphone for under $120.

With a large 5-inch screen, front and rear flash, JBL headphones as standard and the latest Android operating system, this smartphone seems a little too good to be true.

Sam Skontos, Vice President and Managing Director of Alcatel, ANZ, Singapore and Pacific, describes the POP 4 as “a smartly priced smartphone which truly epitomises the millennial way of life – it’s dynamic, fun, and reflects individual personality and style.”

Tilting for a larger slice of the Australian mobile market pie, the last two years have seen Alcatel embark on an aggressive rollout strategy, comprising the release of smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. The POP 4 is a new jab at the over-priced premium end of the stick.

Full features, no sacrifice

You’d be forgiven for thinking compromise is included in the price, but this 5-inch, full-featured, sleek and stylish smartphone comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a premium brand.

The POP 4 comes with Google's latest operating system.

Smartphone photographers will revel in the 8-megapixel rear camera; while selfie junkies get a 5-megapixel front camera with a dedicated front flash, to make all their Gen Y dreams come true.

Music fans will appreciate the POP 4’s dedication to audio – each handset comes with headphones from JBL, a recognised audio industry leader.

For a little added personalisation, users can customise the phone’s theme and wallpaper with the Colour Changer app. Just take a snap of the colour or texture you desire, and the app does the rest.

If modern software is a must-have, don’t worry; this smartphone comes with Android Marshmallow 6.0 – the latest operating system from Google.

A lifebuoy to a drowning industry

It’s no secret that many smartphone manufacturers have experienced a decline in sales.

Premium handsets continue to increase in price and economic uncertainty has led to a drop in consumer confidence – factors that contribute to many smartphone users’ reluctance to upgrade.

The phone has a front camera with flash for all your selfie needs.
The phone has a front camera with flash for all your selfie needs.

While it may seem hard to believe for the price, the POP 4 could be an antidote to the modern paradigm – smashing the belief that premium features must come with a premium price tag.

Compared to handsets from the likes of Apple and Samsung, who hold the number one and two spot in Australia respectively, this smartphone has the potential to disrupt the heavyweights and free customers from the endless update cycle of expensive handsets.

Ultimately, any product that offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for the consumer is an overall win for the entire market.

You can purchase the POP 4 from Optus here.

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