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Apple makes more iPhone apps deletable

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Apple’s promise to finally allow iPhone and iPad users to delete pre-installed apps is winning it praise.

iOS 10, due to be released in September, will give users the freedom to remove these pre-loaded apps – such as Weather, Calendar, Calculator, Maps and Mail — which seem to frustrate users by taking up precious home screen space.

The tech company failed to announce this change during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week. But eagle-eyed tech journalists noticed that the stock apps had been added to the App Store for the first time, prompting speculation.

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Apple software boss Craig Federighi confirmed the rumours to The Talk Show on Tuesday (in a now removed video).

This means Apple has potentially solved the problem of clogged home screens.

What it may not have done, contrary to some reports, is free up all that much storage space.

Craig Federighi
Apple’s Craig Federighi has confirmed the new feature. Photo: AAP

Apple’s Mr Federighi clarified in the interview that, when deleted, the default apps are removed from the home screen and user data is wiped, but that the apps remain in the phone’s software.

This may or may not matter, as pre-installed apps reportedly take up a minuscule amount of storage – only 150 MB, according to iMore.

How you’ll be able to delete them

The ‘annoying’ pre-loaded apps will be deletable in iOS 10 like any other app.

Users will need to tap and hold the app icon for approximately two seconds until the icons wiggle. An ‘X’ button will appear. Click to uninstall.

The deletable apps will, according to 9to5Mac, include:

• Weather
• Watch
• Voice Memos
• Tips
• Stocks
• Reminders
• Podcasts
• Notes
• Music
• Maps
• Mail
• iTunes Store
• FaceTime
• Contacts
• Compass
• Calendar
• Calculator

If users regret their decision, they will be able to visit the App Store, search for the name of the app, and reinstall as usual.

Some pre-loaded apps will not be removable, including: Messages, Photos, Camera, Settings, Health, Safari and Clock.

What you’ll be missing out on

While users will be able to delete basic apps, they may not want to delete all of them.

For example, iOS 10’s updated Music app will make it easier to navigate, find music, discover new artists, and find new playlists.

And the Maps app has become more intuitive and integrates information from other apps, like Uber and nearby location features.

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