Life Tech The best mobile phone games of 2016

The best mobile phone games of 2016

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With the increasing sophistication of smartphone technology, you no longer need a dedicated computer or gaming console to play cutting-edge games.

Powerful graphics and software processing capabilities have opened up a world of entertainment for each and every smartphone user, with a massive range of game titles now available via digital download stores to suit anyone’s personal taste.

There are a host of titles coming in 2016 that keen gamers should keep an eye out for. Get ready to use your samurai skills in Bushido Bear to clear the forest of nasty invaders, or embark on an Antarctic rescue mission in Edge of Nowhere.

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Clear the streets of society’s dregs in the jail simulator Prison Architect, solve the mystery of a long-dead civilisation in Evolving Planet, or catch Pokemon in the real world with a Bluetooth wristband in Pokemon GO.

Mobile gaming will also be revolutionised this year with the release of games enabled for virtual reality headsets like Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR — headsets that utilise a user’s smartphone, placed inside the device, to project HD video directly in front of the eyes.

Virtual reality smartphone gaming will offer a unique and immersive experience, with motion and other movements tracked and used as game input, as well as 360-degree gameplay.

In the meantime, here are some of the best mobile games The New Daily has played recently.

super phantom cat

Super Phantom Cat

What do you get when you mix Crossy Road with Super Mario? Super Phantom Cat! Explore Phantom World as you score power-ups, unlock secrets and fight various baddies in your quest to become a superhero. For classic platform gamers, this colourful, weird and cute game is quite addictive.

Download: Apple

lifeline silent night

Lifeline: Silent Night

One of the most successful games on Apple Watch, Lifeline has now spawned a sequel. A classic, text-based adventure, Silent Night finds our surviving protagonist, Taylor, on board a rescue ship with an approaching vessel closing in – are they friend or foe? It’s up to you to guide Taylor through the story, avoiding death and harm around every corner, while solving the mystery at the heart of the game.

Download: Apple | Android

pocket mortys

Pocket Mortys

The mobile game version of the cult hit Adult Swim animated TV series is every bit as dark and insane as the show. Your job as eccentric, anti-social genius Rick is to build and train an army of Mortys to battle other Ricks, also bent on universal domination. Simple! The gameplay can get a little sticky at times, but the design and direction, in true Rick and Morty style, makes up for any shortfalls.

Download: Apple | Android

badland 2

Badland 2

A sequel to the multi-award-winning Badland, this action side-scroller is fast and tons of fun. Clony is back, taking the lead as our protagonist, flying through a dark and surreal forest of organic and mechanical machinations, demented sound design and stunning liquid graphics. The continuous scroll lends the game an immersive quality that makes it hard to put down. Just. One. More. Go.

Download: Apple | Android coming soon

plants vs zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2

There aren’t many addictive tower defence games that can transition successfully to console and PC, but this game has. Defend your garden from invading zombies with a variety of defenses and cunning tactics. Although it was released a while ago, constant game updates have brought with them new levels, characters and challenges. Infinitely playable, extremely fun and BRAAAAAAAAINS!

Download: Apple | Android

neko atsume

Neko Atsume

A game about cats is taking the world by storm? You bet your cute Russian Blue it is! The object of Neko Atsume (literally, ‘cat collection’) is simple: build a home that will attract felines, and a wealth of riches will be yours. Of course, ‘riches’ to a cat could be an old sock or a rusty, bent spoon. Fill your yard with cat toys and beds, and if they’re happy with your offerings you’ll be rewarded with fish to buy them more toys and beds. Once you play, you’ll know why random people on public transport shout, ‘TUBBS!’

Download: Apple | Android

80 days mobile gaming

80 Days

A game in the spirit of classic adventure tales from the likes of Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas and H.G. Wells, 80 Days breathes new life into Verne’s story of daring and courage, Around the World in Eighty Days. In this beautifully animated game, your job is to travel the world as assistant to Mr Phileas Fogg, choosing your route, the equipment to pack and trade along the way, and which storylines to pursue. It’s immersive and thoroughly satisfying.

Download: Apple | Android


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