Life Tech New ‘tampon speaker’ plays music to foetuses

New ‘tampon speaker’ plays music to foetuses

Babypod speaker
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A new product claims to encourage foetal development by inserting a small speaker inside women’s vaginas.

The small silicone speaker is designed for women to slide inside their vaginas just like a tampon, allowing their unborn child to revel in a few tunes.

The ‘Babypod’ also comes with another set of earphones, so Mum and Dad can listen along with their bub.

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Using the tagline, “Music is life”, the company claims listening to music pre-birth can have a positive affect on the development of children.

Babypod can be washed after use. Photo: Babypod
Babypod can be washed after use. Photo: Babypod

Babypod’s website even features testimonials from highly satisfied customers, including ultrasound scans of foetuses allegedly ‘singing along’ to Babypod music.

“Babies learn to speak in response to sound stimuli, especially melodic sound,” argues the website.

“With Babypod, babies learn to vocalise from the womb.”

According to the website, the Babypod was tested and approved by Spain’s Institut Marquès, which found the device caused babies to wag their tongues and move their mouths in response to the particular jam playing.

The device is designed to be used from the 16th week of pregnancy onward, in 10 to 20-minute stints.

Babypod assures its customers the vibrations of the music do not harm unborn children, in the same way certain sex toys are permitted during pregnancy.

And if the product itself wasn’t strange enough, the company claims to have hosted the world’s first foetus concert, when former Eurovision contender Soraya Arnelas serenaded 10 pregnant women with Christmas carols recently.

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